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How EVBox accelerates its ‘zero emission’ mission with Bynder



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Founded in 2010, EVBox is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations—with 75,000 charging points spread across more than 55 countries worldwide.

EVBox is a fast-growing scale-up at the heart of the clean tech industry, with a mission to accelerate the transition towards a zero emissions future. In 2017, EVBox was acquired by energy utility and global service provider ENGIE, and in 2018, EVBox acquired the ultra- fast charging station manufacturer EVTronic, adding 700 previously installed fast-charging stations to its European network.

With a global team spread across ten offices in Europe and North America, and partners in over 55 countries, EVBox needed to tackle the challenges of a fast-growing business, while managing an ever-increasing amount of assets and products. Ultimately, the end goal is to build a recognizable, strong, and consistent brand identity across markets.

As we continue to grow, we need a system that can scale as we evolve our brand position and strategy across multiple markets and segments.
Hugo Pereira
VP of Growth & Strategy at EVBox


Growing from a small team of 15 employees with few resellers and a couple hundred installation partners in 2015, to over 400 employees and thousands of partners in 2019, EVBox has experienced substantial growth in a short amount of time. As a young, ambitious, and forward-looking company, they needed to get a better grasp on how digital assets were being managed in order to scale their operations.

Prior to Bynder, all assets were managed internally via Google Drive and/or SharePoint, and with external partners, they mostly relied on email or WeTransfer to send documentation. Aside from the endless uploading, downloading, and sharing of assets, this created a lot of inconsistent messaging—such as different logos, colors and product descriptions—which compromised the team’s ability to position the brand in a professional manner.

The biggest business impact of these inefficiencies was the sharing of incorrect or outdated product information— something that often negatively impacted the end customer’s buying experience.

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This affected the end customer as they didn’t have the right information to make the right decision. As EVBox introduced innovative technology across different markets, they needed to explain their proposition as efficiently and accurately as possible to ensure the best customer experience.

Not only that, every market has different regulations, so it’s crucial for EVBox to ensure that the assets made available to partners are 100% market-compliant.

Finally, as EVBox expands its global footprint, building and maintaining a recognized brand by aligning on a story, a strong brand image, and a value-adding proposition with partners is key to establishing a leadership position in their industry.


Given EVBox’s unique use case, Bynder has been set up in a way that enables their global partner network to be as self- sufficient as possible—helping to drive partner enablement, internal education on EVBox’s products, and strong brand positioning.

Key benefits

EVBox has built a global business in a very short timeframe, and can continue scaling for growth with a helping hand from Bynder. Besides training internal employees with the latest materials, the team reduces time spent onboarding partners and ensures consistent brand positioning through their own marketing activities, and in any market where their partners operate.

Enabling a faster go-to-market
By making new products and propositions available in Bynder and directly on their website.

Giving partners a competitive edge
By providing partners with a self-service platform boasting a slick UI.

Creating a consistent brand story
With all brand assets, messaging and product positioning centralized, EVBox communicates a consistent brand story.

Bynder is future-proof because its features and integrations are always evolving.
Hugo Pereira
VP of Growth & Strategy at EVBox

Continuing their international expansion with Bynder

“At EVBox, we have a motto that everything we do and decide must be international, scalable and future-proof. When looking for a DAM, we chose Bynder simply because it fits this criteria.”

Bynder helps EVBox live up to their motto of making sure they do everything with an international focus in mind.

As EVBox operates in an emerging industry, it’s crucial to have the flexibility to prepare for high-speed global expansion and inevitable market shifts. Bynder aligns with EVBox’s wider business strategy as its “taxonomy and user-friendliness can evolve with our partners, and with us”.

When building EVBox’s tech stack—now and for the future—the team wanted to create a strong ecosystem where all components could communicate and work together.