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Health Insurance

A health insurance company frees the creative and enables sales teams with Bynder

Health Insurance
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Our client is part of one of the largest associations of health insurers in the country, collectively covering around one-third of the American population. For decades, this health insurance company has been expanding across the United States of America trying to build healthier lives for their customers. They harness the very latest ideas and technologies to deliver access to care that meets customer needs through a robust and diversified portfolio of products and services.

With a team spread across North America, our client’s creative services team needs to tackle the challenge of delivering on ever-increasing content requests, while maintaining the quality and speed expected from other departments. What their creative services team needed was a solution that could help speed up time to market by simplifying the content creation process so that they can better support the sales teams.

* This business case illustrates a genuine case study of a Bynder customer that can’t be named due to strict brand guidelines. The customer is a health insurance company. Screenshots and images have been edited and rendered anonymous.


As a large health insurance company, our client’s creative services team needed a solution that could easily be configured to support and simplify the content creation process to speed up time to market.

Because the creative team handles requests from multiple teams, this created bottlenecks and hindered their ability to produce assets that support sales and ultimately drive revenue.

With Bynder, our client’s employees find assets easily without having to ask the creative services team. By saving time, effort, and enabling a self-service approach to using company assets, the creative team has more time to focus on value-adding activities.

This health insurer can now access previous assets and projects to produce content faster, instead of spending time finding assets, they can focus on producing work that drives business value.

Bynder offers an easier way to filter through requests to expedite our process and ensure people get the right assets at the right time.
A representative from the health insurance company


Our client’s expansion across North America means that the creative team needs to streamline and optimize content operations to cater to increasing demand from sales teams.

To avoid spending time recreating assets before finding out whether it has already been created, a representative from the creative services team says he “had a giant 3GB document that had all the PDFs listed, which I used to search for all the different content.” However, searching through this document was slow and could only really be accessed and understood by anyone familiar with the project codes. Also, he mentioned that “Designers don’t always have the time to stop what they’re doing and search through all the projects they’ve worked on in the past year for previous projects,” leading to bottlenecks in the creative processes.

Challenges + previous system

With the creative team under time pressure to deliver on projects, the main challenge was to create more efficiencies in the content creation process and reduce time spent finding or recreating assets, while ensuring that employees always had the latest assets at hand. With no centralized system in place, everyone would resort to inefficient behavior: saving hundreds of pdfs on their local desktop as a reference, increasing the risk of using outdated materials, logos and headshots in presentations or other collateral.

Given these challenges around accessibility and speed of execution, they needed a platform that could:

  • Help employees speed up the time to find content by providing self-service access for key stakeholders
  • Increase performance overall by serving as a centralized solution to store previous projects, brand assets, and employee headshots
  • Create more brand consistency and control across all sales enablement content produced


With Bynder, everyone at the health insurance company can find assets immediately and push content out to channels at their own pace. They easily find the style of imagery they want to use, freeing up time for the creative services team.

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Specific benefits

The health insurance company has expanded across the nation with help from the creative services team who leverage Bynder to enable their sales teams. Their efforts pay off in reduced time spent finding and creating assets, as well as empowering other teams to leverage content from within the DAM, ensuring a consistent and up-to-date look and feel across every customer touchpoint.

Streamlining and centralizing assets
Assets available in Bynder ensure the latest version is being used and gives everyone at the health insurance company self-service access to the content they need.

Speeding up time to content
The creative services team can deliver more content, faster and in a way that everyone can leverage it, no matter if they’re in the office or out in the field.

Driving growth with sales enablement
By speeding up time to content, creative teams can focus on driving value and supporting revenue-driving initiatives rather than focus on administrative tasks.

Enabling sales teams with integrated systems

Streamlined creative process: To continue streamlining their content creation process and making it as self-service as possible, the health insurer’s creative services team will continue to leverage Bynder as their central source of truth for all content.

Connected solutions: Additionally, to continue delivering on the speed of execution of creative assets, they are planning on integrating Bynder with other digital technologies, such as their website, creative tooling and project management solutions.

We know that whatever is in Bynder is the latest and greatest version.
A representative from the health insurance company