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How hair care experts Keune launch products and campaigns faster with Bynder

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Keune, headquartered in the Netherlands and with offices in the United States, Germany, France, Belgium, and Croatia, has been creating hair cosmetics for professionals since 1922.

Keune operates as one unified brand. It offers three main product lines: Keune, So Pure, and Blend; and a separate product line for men: 1922 by JM Keune.

All products are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, but Keune is more than a supplier. Salon partners automatically join the global family, and they genuinely care about their clients and the people in their chairs.

Keune is proud to do business with a personal touch, and provides a depth and breadth of service transcending great products: education, marketing and comprehensive business support. Their mission is to help people unlock their best selves, “Your best you”.

Bynder helps us to use and distribute our brand assets consistently, and collaborate globally in a more efficient way.
Mark Eggermont
Branding Automation Administrator, Marketing Team

Bynder X Keune: Highlights and fringe benefits

Background: Keune’s ethos of premium, custom hair care extends to the service and support they provide to their business partners – personalized, yet on-brand. Their rapidly-growing global network of distributors and ambassador salons highlighted the need for a better way to facilitate partner enablement while promoting brand consistency worldwide.

Challenge: Headquartered in the Netherlands, Keune’s products are distributed to 60,000+ salons in over 80 countries worldwide. The team needed a way to communicate the brand consistently while empowering internal and external stakeholders to find, customize, and share up-to-date brand assets and marketing content independently.

Solution: Bynder’s digital asset management solution centralizes and organizes all brand, product and campaign assets in the Keune Brand Portal. Additional modules such as Creative Workflow, Brand Templates and Brand Guidelines promote smoother collaboration and brand consistency.

Results: Keune’s global and regional teams now enjoy on-demand, role-based access to the assets they need. This has led to increased utilization of content, a faster time-to-market for both product and campaign launches, and, overall, a superior experience for distributors and clients.

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Keune’s branding and marketing needs became more complex as the business (and partner network) grew in size and scope. They “work globally... and sell our products via our offices and distributors in over 80 countries at this moment, and approximately 60,000 salons worldwide”.

Decentralized storage of business-critical files and media compromised brand consistency and time-to-market. It also put undue pressure on the global and regional marketing teams to find and share assets in a timely manner, and on distributors to effectively service clients (primarily salon partners).

In the past, we would do a rollout in the Netherlands, and then share everything via email and WeTransfer: at different times, and by different people. This process has improved so much with a solution like Bynder. Now, I feel we’re closer to the market.
Mark Eggermont
Branding Automation Administrator, Marketing Team

Challenge + previous system

Prior to Bynder, Keune used multiple local servers for storage, and email and WeTransfer for asset sharing – both internally, and with their business partners and clients in the Netherlands and across the globe.

Issues they faced included:

  • Inability to find, or distribute, assets easily
  • Inability to verify if an asset was up-to-date
  • Inability to easily customize content for market-specific product/campaign launches or events
  • Under-utilization of marketing content
  • Under-optimized content lifecycles, and related workflows


The Keune team wanted a better way to:

  • easily organize, find and share assets
  • promote brand consistency worldwide
  • empower partners to customize localize and utilize branded content

Bynder made the cut as it ticked these boxes, and was an ‘easy-to-use, out- of-the-box SaaS solution, globally available and supported; offering integrations between modules and with other platforms’.

Everyone can find whatever they need, whenever they need it.
Mark Eggermont
Branding Automation Administrator, Marketing Team

Key benefits

Beyond asset storage – ‘preserving brand equity, worldwide’
Keune’s Brand Portal is now the home of their brand. With all approved brand assets easily available, it’s easier than ever to consistently promote the Keune brand, values and story to an ever-growing global audience.

Beyond asset availability – empowering distributors and their clients
With anytime, anywhere access to the latest files via the Brand Portal, all distributors are now self-sufficient– a superior, and scalable, client experience. Keune’s in-house creative agency now has less ad-hoc content requests to fulfil and doesn’t worry about compliance with brand guidelines.

Beyond asset sharing – optimizing workflows and boosting productivity
Previously, finding and distributing assets was ‘complicated and time-consuming’ for Keune, with room for ‘risks and mistakes’. A new system in place resulted in new and improved workflows, and, ultimately, ‘more time for employees to do their actual jobs’.

What’s next for Keune?

Giving more salons access to the Creation Center
Keune’s salon partners do not yet use Bynder, but are indirectly serviced via distributors. Soon, selected salons will have access to Keune’s Creation Center, where standardized materials and customizable templates are available.

Maximising Bynder x Episerver
Keune’s website runs on Episerver, which was recently integrated with Bynder in an effort to plug content directly to their global sites. Product imagery is already stored in Bynder, and while the integration is configured so web images can directly be pulled from the DAM, this is still a work in progress.

Playing around in the Bynder sandbox
The sandbox is a risk-free, trial environment. With the help of Bynder’s onboarding managers, Keune’s Branding Automation Administrator is hoping to build a ‘Brand Portal 2.0’ in which he can test out new ideas.

The local marketing teams are happy with the fact that they have easy access to files, and for us, it’s ideal to not have to worry about brand consistency.
Mark Eggermont
Branding Automation Administrator, Marketing Team