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Helping LeasePlan deliver an “any car, anytime, anywhere” service with Bynder’s “any asset, anytime, anywhere” solution

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LeasePlan is a global leader in the Car-as-a-Service market, offering an “any car, anytime, anywhere” end- to-end service to customers across the globe. Comprising 6000+ employees spread across 32 countries and with a fleet of 1.7 million vehicles, LeasePlan are on a mission to provide customers with What’s Next in car mobility.

Their global marketing team is headquartered in Amsterdam, and it’s their task to lead LeasePlan’s marketing efforts worldwide, alongside 32 regional marketing subteams.

Bynder spoke to Helen Logan, LeasePlan’s Marketing Operations Consultant, about how Bynder’s DAM solution puts their team in the driver’s seat—encouraging closer collaboration and helping to deliver an on-brand and consistent customer experience.

Bynder x LeasePlan: At a glance

The profile
With marketing teams spread across 32 countries, LeasePlan needed a solution that could protect their brand identity, shorten time-to-market of brand campaigns, and create a more efficient way of collaborating on global marketing efforts.

The challenge
LeasePlan’s previous DAM solution was becoming unfit for service as their brand, team and marketing grew in both size and scope. It was almost impossible to keep track of users in the system, making it difficult to control how brand content was being used worldwide—a risk to both security and brand consistency.

The solution
Now that LeasePlan have centralized content and campaign projects within Bynder, their global marketing operations are unified, controlled, and 100% on-brand.

By collaborating in one single space, there is much clearer oversight on the progress of campaigns, helping to reduce the bottlenecks and encourage clearer communication among its employees spread across its 32 regional teams worldwide.

The Onboarding team really took the time to understand what we wanted to get out of Bynder. The set-up process was useful, and the system itself is intuitive and super easy to use.
Helen Logan
Marketing Operations Consultant at LeasePlan

The critical need for LeasePlan

With marketing teams operating across 32 countries, it was essential for LeasePlan to make sure their brand was communicated consistently—whether a client was leasing a vehicle in the Netherlands or New Zealand. This demanded a coordinated effort that allowed for localization of all global marketing collateral, and for regional subteams to have access to up-to-date and on-brand assets such as logos, photos, and best practice guidelines.

LeasePlan not only required a centralized hub to store and share digital assets— they also needed project management functionality for campaigns to progress smoothly, while having control over how branded content was created and distributed.

Ultimately, LeasePlan wanted a solution that could protect their brand image, shorten time-to-market of brand campaigns, and establish a more efficient way of collaborating on global marketing efforts.

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Pre-Bynder problems

Before Bynder, LeasePlan used a custom-made DAM implemented over 10 years ago, which was quickly becoming unfit for service as their brand, team and marketing efforts grew in both size and scope.

Productivity hindered in multiple areas
The old system made it difficult to find things, and with a workforce in the thousands, it was impossible to control the number of users who had access to marketing materials. Ultimately, the structure and process required to deliver coordinated brand campaigns worldwide was not achievable with their existing tech stack.

Sluggish sharing via ZIP files
Restricted by a static and outdated DAM, all assets had to be uploaded as ZIP files, which meant the team were unable to preview content. Searching for assets was time-consuming and difficult, resulting in countless colleagues having to request files via email.

No control over user access
With over 6,000 employees worldwide, it was close to impossible to keep track of users registered to their old DAM system. This not only presented a security issue—it caused chaos when trying to provide any structure to their ongoing marketing campaigns.

Off-brand content being used
The lack of control when using their old DAM frequently led to non-marketers having access to the system, which led to off-brand and out-of-date materials being published.

The transformation with Bynder

Marketing operations are unified, controlled, and consistent
With Bynder’s Creative Workflow feature, LeasePlan’s global marketing team have unified the 32 regional teams spread worldwide and provided the structure to launch campaigns with consistency, and in record time. All stakeholders can track, review, and launch campaigns from a centralized platform. The result? Clear collaboration, with content that’s always on-brand.

Global transparency
By centralizing all content efforts within Bynder, the global marketing team can now share best practices with all regional marketers and better communicate standardized benchmarks for the look and feel of all brand collateral.

Sharing is simple
LeasePlan no longer need to resort to third-party file-sharing apps found online to share content; Bynder’s Collections feature allows single files or groups of files, regardless of size, to be sent via a safe, secure URL link. And by limiting Collections to specific people, and for a pre-set time period, they have additional control over who has access to what (and for how long).

We have thousands of assets stored in Bynder that are accessible to our staff by simply logging in to the portal—no VPN or server folders needed. Now everyone can easily download up-to-date images in their desired format for the channel they need it for.
Helen Logan
Marketing Operations Consultant at LeasePlan