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How Riwal integrates digital solutions with Bynder to optimize the end customer experience

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Riwal, specialists in aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklift trucks, have over 19,000 units and are active in Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia.

Riwal is active in 16 countries across Europe and the Middle East and provides solutions for working safely and efficiently at heights, such as fully electric machines and equipment that can be easily tracked in harsh environments. Besides pushing the limits of innovation and sustainability in machinery for construction, the following core value underpins everything they do: providing customers and employees with the safest working conditions possible by ensuring all important information is provided.

As the company continued to expand, it became more difficult to keep up with information requirements from employees and customers alike. The marketing team realized that a central place for information was needed to ensure a consistent brand identity among the group.

Bynder x Riwal: At a glance

Riwal’s marketing department in HQ supports a global marketing team by creating a consistent corporate identity, initiating branding activities, and rolling out digital content for campaigns.

As they transition their business model to support customer-centric apps and an eCommerce-type website, streamlining international roll outs of marketing content and product technical information was required.

Bynder is now the central source for marketing and branding assets, enabling global marketers to organize and access documents, images, manuals, and diagrams at any time.

As a result of successful adoption across the company, Riwal plans to further integrate Bynder with all customer-facing digital solutions to create a unified brand image for end customers.

Customer experience is our top priority, especially around customer service and providing our stakeholders with smart solutions.
Karel Boers
Marketing Specialist at Riwal


The marketing team at Riwal’s headquarters acts as a supporting function for all global marketing operations, with the main goal of aligning all markets on a corporate identity level. The small team supports the global website, delivers online marketing campaigns and executes initiatives that strengthen the brand as a trusted partner.

To live up to their core value of providing a safe environment for all, they are constantly looking for ways to improve end user experience. Key initiatives include transitioning from a branding website towards a more e-commerce-like experience, as well as developing self-service applications with product information and instructions.

Ultimately, they needed a solution that could help centralize and streamline information in order to provide a better customer experience across various initiatives and end-user focused platforms.


Optimizing customer experiences requires an overarching strategy that looks at all direct digital engagement points, as well as indirect touchpoints that affect the customer. At Riwal, this means taking a look at: 1) digital marketing, 2) brand initiatives and training, 3) web and customer applications.

With an increasingly global footprint, localization of digital marketing content for Google Adwords, display marketing and social channels requires access to content and brand guidelines. This ensures that dispersed teams can execute autonomously.

For branding campaigns, Riwal focuses mainly on safety and creating educational content and training materials for their customers. With every new product or when entering new markets, this brings the added complexity of localization and adapting content for new audiences.

Finally, the third challenge was finding a way to ensure that the website and customer applications are intuitive and provide the most up-to-date product information and images at any given moment.

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Riwal’s customer-centric approach demanded an integrated DAM solution that could deliver on-brand campaign and product information efficiently across all touchpoints.

Bynder x Riwal: Key benefits

Riwal, together with Bynder, has created a robust global marketing operation, while maintaining brand consistency that builds customer trust. Besides mitigating risks to their brand image that revolves around trust and safety, they are able to execute on localized marketing and brand campaigns, all while optimizing delivery of assets across digital touchpoints.

Enabling global marketing autonomy
Access to content enables dispersed teams to leverage existing content and drive local interest in-market.

Creating a trusted brand image
Empowering employees to use brand consistent assets strengthens their brand image for customers.

Optimizing digital experiences
By powering digital channels directly with content from Bynder, they are able to deliver the right information, always, and in real-time.

What’s next for Riwal?

Integrating DAM as a foundational solution for all digital experiences
Riwal’s journey towards optimizing the customer experience is one that is supported by Bynder, however the story doesn’t end here. Ideas around centralizing all product images, documentation and inspection reports will eventually live in Bynder with the goal of having them be uploaded in one place and automated across multiple different channels to improve sales and helpdesk experiences.

Bynder has a greater value than just finding assets. It’s a central place where we can connect to many other platforms.
Karel Boers
Marketing Specialist at Riwal