REPORT State of Branding - COVID-19 Edition

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Brand Guidelines

Communicate your brand consistently

Easily create and edit a configurable set of brand guidelines describing your brand identity and story, and make important elements such as fonts, logos, videos and tone of voice accessible for everyone.

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Communicate your brand consistently

Effectively communicate your brand's story

Provide teams with clear branding guidelines—fully integrated with the DAM to ensure that everyone is working toward a unified brand identity.

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Ditch PDFs, go digital

Get rid of static, out-of-date PDFs and replace these with a dynamic set of web-based guides that are accessible across the entire organization.

Easily accessible

Make your branded company assets and corporate guidelines globally accessible. Anytime, anywhere, in the cloud.

Always up-to-date

Guidelines connected to your DAM means that teams will always have the latest version of assets at hand. Changes made will be immediately reflected.

Be on-brand, always

With brand guidelines that are so simple to create and update and usable across the entire organization, there’s no excuse for being off-brand… ever.

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Create guidelines faster

Make it easy to create, edit and distribute your guidelines quickly with the help of out-of the box layouts and widgets that can be configured in seconds.

Showcase rich content

Visually represent your brand by using rich content like images, videos, and documents to bring it to life. Professionally communicate brand guidelines that stick.

Stay organized

Create multiple guides and add chapters and pages for easy access and usage. Structure content so that specific users can find and use them, reducing risk to brand image.

Having the guidelines and resources accessible all within one platform makes it easier for people to explore, discover and use our assets, the right way.
Addy Procter, Product Marketing Specialist at Monotype

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