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Definition: Brand identity

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is more than just your brand’s logo or product. It’s the general impression you leave on consumers, and the recognizable brand attributes that make you distinguishable from competitors.

Put simply, a brand’s identity is its personality. It’s based on every experience and interaction with your brand—those you control and those you don’t. Your brand identity is the defining emotional bond between you and your consumers. And that bond is key when purchase decisions are made.

Why is it important to have a recognizable brand identity?

Without a uniquely recognizable brand identity, you have no way to distinguish your brand from all the others out there, leaving it far less likely that your brand will leave a lasting impression on audiences. By creating a brand identity that consumers can relate with, you can build an emotional connection that fosters trust and brand loyalty—a key component in building reliable, long-lasting consumer relationships.

Branding may be intangible, but, for a lot of companies, it’s the most valuable asset on the balance sheet.

More and more of today’s companies are leveraging brand management software to centralize their brand guidelines, digital assets, and other brand elements in one place to safeguard their brand reputation and ensure brand consistency across all consumer touchpoints.

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