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Creating on-brand content in Bynder takes minutes instead of hours

Brand templates help you create content quickly while sticking to your design principles, ensuring consistency and enabling a faster time to market.

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More content, less time

Easy-to-use customizable brand templates

Define elements and rules that control the way designs can be edited so you can repurpose brand templates for different campaigns, markets, and more.

More content, less time Brand templates

Your designs, your brand

Have a new design? Upload your InDesign templates autonomously into the Template Creator and make it available for other teams to localize.

No design skills needed

Employees and external parties alike can customize marketing materials and adapt them to local needs without support from creative.

Easily personalize content

Brand templates can be pre-filled with user details, meaning everyone can have personalized content that looks great and takes minimal time to create.

Seamless collaboration and approvals

Keep your brand elements and messaging consistent with configurable creative workflows, bringing in the right people at the right time.

More content, less time Brand templates


Provide clear feedback and collaborate effectively during the review process by leaving comments and annotations, notifying team members at each stage.


Avoid confusion about multiple drafts floating around and have a clear overview in Bynder. New versions can be easily reviewed and compared side by side.


Make editable brand templates available, and define the approval process, so no matter who is working with your content, it always stays on brand.

Bynder offers us a dynamic platform for connecting with our stakeholders both inside and outside the company. It’s our central resource for creating, managing and sharing assets for over 100 AkzoNobel brands.
Sarah Roozendaal, Brand Manager at AkzoNobel

Empower marketers, free designers

With Bynder’s brand templates you reduce the dependence on designers, freeing them up to focus on real creative work instead of simple, repetitive tasks.

More content, less time

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