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Definition: Content operations

What are content operations?

Content operations are the activities, processes, tools, and technologies that are required to manage a brand’s content effectively. Content operations also refers to the people and teams that contribute to these tasks and help develop the overall strategy and framework.

Digital content operations involve the ideation, creation, management, and distribution of content assets. Developing and delivering a strategic content operations plan helps brands to unify their marketing communications. Instead of developing content assets in silos that address the needs and desires of different customer personas, brands can develop a cohesive approach that ensures brand consistency and promotes brand recall.

What does good content marketing look like? We've written a whole blog on the topic; check it out and start planning your next content strategy.

How digital asset management (DAM) helps content operations

The best digital asset management platform can help optimize digital content operations in the following ways.

Helps get more content to market
Today’s marketing teams are under increasing pressure to get more high-quality content to market, more quickly. Using a DAM helps streamline the processes required to source, edit, and distribute digital assets. This means the content team can devote more time to manage the end-to-end content lifecycle rather than scouring endless folders searching for the most current logo or correct photo. Projects can be worked on from one centralized location meaning better collaboration and swifter multi-channel distribution.

Download the guide: Digital asset management for content distribution.

Safeguard brand reputation
Your content operations team doesn't want to have to worry about using the wrong asset. With DAM, users can share the right files securely both internally and externally. They can also control permissions, track sharing, history, and set expiration dates. This helps to ensure your brand guidelines are always followed and there are no inconsistencies with the way your business is represented.

Makes collaboration easier and more enjoyable
Effective collaboration is vital for creating great content. The last thing you want is to experience communication breakdowns when working with external agencies or freelancers - or even between different internal teams or sites. Using a DAM approach for content operations means even large files are shared in seconds and downloaded in the format you need. Assets are managed and organized easily with an intuitive filter system that you define. Version controls are handled effortlessly and every stakeholder is interconnected whenever they need to be.