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Definition: Brand recall

What is brand recall?

The definition of brand recall is how likely people are to remember your brand, products, and services.

The two types of brand recall are as follows:

  1. Aided brand recall. This occurs when a person is prompted to recall a brand via a clue or cue such as ‘which sportswear brands are you familiar with?’
  2. Unaided brand recall. This is when a person can recall a brand or its products without any prompts or cues.

Why is brand recall important?

Brand recall is important because it improves your chances of being associated with a particular service or product. It gives you a competitive edge and, as long as the sentiment is positive, it is one of the best kinds of free advertising.

The more you remain in your customers and prospect’s minds, the more you increase your market share, and your bottom line. Brand recall also boosts customer retention and loyalty, as people are generally more likely to put their faith in brands that others trust.

How to improve brand recall?

  1. Build a great brand identity. To be memorable you need to have a strong and unique brand profile. This must include every touchpoint people have with your company; from your logo to your advertising, your packaging to your website content and social media.
  2. Define your purpose. Your audience needs to have a clear understanding of what you do, what you produce, why you do what you do and what problems you are trying to solve.
  3. Have a great brand personality. People want to align themselves with brands that share their values. Make sure yours are clear and consistent, and unique throughout all your marketing communications.
  4. Tell your story. An authentic brand is one that has a credible, relevant story to tell. Whether you are a cutting edge fashion brand or a conservative financial services provider, find something that connects with your audience and build your story from there.
  5. Monitor the success of your brand recall activities. To promote positive brand recall, in both the short and long term, you must keep an eye on the sentiment around your brand and adapt your marketing accordingly.