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Definition: Brand recognition

What is brand recognition?

Brand recognition refers to the ability of consumers to recognize and identify a specific brand. Brand recognition is typically considered successful when consumers are able to recognize a brand without explicitly being exposed to its name, but merely to visual or auditory cues such as logos, packaging, or jingles. Similarly, brand recall is the ability to recall a brand without any specific cues at all.

Companies routinely conduct market research to determine the degree to which their brand gets recognized by consumers and develop strategies and campaigns aimed at increasing brand recognition. Together with brand recall, brand recognition is one of the many components of brand awareness.

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How do you make a brand recognizable?

It starts with the right message. Letting customers know why your company is in business can help reach them on a personal and emotional level. Companies often choose to use unique, touching stories to connect with their customers and make their brand recognizable.

A consistent brand image. Consumers want to know what to expect from your brand. Communicating your brand consistently over time and across channels will help them recognize your brand regardless of context. A unique and constant combination of colors, fonts, logo, and icons will make your brand immediately recognizable.

Engaging with consumers. In order for it to become recognizable, consumers need to be exposed to your brand. Tactly reaching out to consumers through email newsletters or being available to them through your website, blog, social media or even customer service can help them keep your brand in mind and even develop brand loyalty.

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