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Definition: Brand marketing

What is brand marketing?

Brand marketing describes a long-term, strategic plan to continuously boost a brand's recognition and reputation. The goal of brand marketing is to develop an ever-growing base of loyal customers. This is achieved by continually and consistently communicating the brand's identity and values in meaningful and engaging ways.

Within a company, brand marketing is an all-encompassing, constantly evolving strategy. It defines a brand's approach to communications, sales, and products by promoting products and services in a way that highlights the overall brand.

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What are the goals of brand marketing?

Brand marketing mostly revolves around creating brand awareness, recognition, trust, and visibility. It is the aspect of marketing that focuses on developing and maintaining a brand's overall reputation.

Though this is different for each brand, a successful brand marketing strategy can be broken down into a number of specific long-term goals, such as:

  • Developing a brand identity and image: Making a brand recognizable through visual elements such as symbols, logos, colors, packaging, etc
  • Raising brand awareness: Making customers recognize and recall your brand and products
  • Developing brand loyalty: Developing a loyal customer base that sticks with the brand over time
  • Gathering brand ambassadors: Increasing the number of customers who recommend your product or service
  • Creating brand engagement: Having users interact with your brand (visit your website, review products, or make orders)

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