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Digital asset management for content distribution

Content distribution should never get in the way of going to market quickly.
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What is digital asset management for content distribution?

No brand is an island. Files need to be sent and received internally but also with external parties, and it needs to be simple. Digital asset management for content distribution makes file transfer size limitations and attachments too big for email things of the past.

Digital asset management allows you to easily share and distribute your brand, marketing, and product digital assets with external parties such as dealers, agencies, field teams, sales, PR and media outlets, vendors and partners.

Different companies use different technologies and external partners may not be able to access your martech solutions. Likely, you’ve been in a situation where you were working with an external party that could not access the right content, data or information in order for you to collaborate with them successfully. How can you go to market fast if you’re unable to readily send and receive digital assets? There are many things that inhibit content distribution for people dealing with digital content operations every day: File size too big for email? File size too big for your file transfer platform? Can’t find the content or the right file? Can’t get access to the right digital asset?

What are the common challenges with content distribution?

When it comes to collaborating with external parties, sending and receiving files can be a pain. Your IT may block your access to specific applications used by external parties (or vice versa). If you’re working with people outside your organization like dealers, agencies, resellers, and partners, you need content distribution solutions that work.

Missing content means you can’t go to market yet. Online purchases start with online visual content. The sooner visual content is online, the sooner you can start getting sales. External dealer networks and internal sales teams need content to go to market quickly to remain competitive. Slow time to deliver content means that sales teams must wait for product imagery distribution in order to bring in new sales.

What are the benefits of using Bynder for content distribution?

Bynder’s DAM (Digital Asset Management) module allows you to choose the right level of accessibility for every asset. Whether you choose to open up part of your DAM library to external agencies or partners or decide to simply share specific collections of content with them, you control how, when, and for how long external parties have access to content and collections.

Drive top-line growth with centralized and accessible product content (product shots, pack shots, sell sheets and more) You can enable your sales partners by storing your important digital assets in a trusted, single source of truth, providing an easily searchable library of content that your sales teams and dealer network can utilize quickly and efficiently. Read more about digital asset management for sales enablement.

No more downloading, uploading, then emailing content manually to externals. No login required (unless you want it to be). No more FTP madness. And, no more file size limits. The Bynder solution supplies quicker time to content for you and your external partners. Never worry about sharing content efficiently again. Exchange important digital assets with your external partners quickly, securely, and easily with Bynder. Read more about digital asset management for online file-sharing.

The quicker time to content that Bynder provides equals quicker time to revenue for you and your partners. Self-service access to this content means operations go more smoothly.

FAQ: What Bynder features help you to distribute content to external parties?

Bynder’s Open Asset Library is a digital asset management repository of externally-available, publicly-facing content that your organization wants to make easily findable for external partners. No login is required and external parties can self-serve themselves with the digital assets they need. *This product capability is particularly useful for organizations with a high-volume of content traffic to external dealers.

Bynder’s External Uploader is an optional feature for your brand’s login page that gives external parties the ability to route content to your organization for approval. No digital assets are ingested directly into the DAM. Instead, the digital assets sit in the waiting room until an administrator decides if they need to be ingested into the DAM. *This product capability is particularly useful for organizations working with a large freelance or agency network.

Bynder’s Public Links feature allows you to create an externally accessible public link to individual assets or collections of assets. Anyone with the link can quickly view and download the assets with a simple click.

Bynder offers a feature called Private Collections and Public Collections which are dynamic, hand-curated collections of content that you can easily update so that your specified external parties always have the right content. Manage who can access the content in your collections with permissions and expiration dates. When you have a number of evergreen assets that have been approved for use by anyone outside of your organization (like a press kit), you can put them in a public collection, providing easy, permission-free access to that content. This product capability also extends to allow you to easily embed Public Collections on webpages.

Bynder Express is a transfer tool to share files both internally and externally. You can share up to 40GB of files at a time from your computer that are not stored in the Asset Library. You can create personal messages, files, and add numerous recipients as well as select a desired expiration date for your transfer. This product capability is useful for when you have files you need to share but that do not belong in the DAM.