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What is sales enablement software?

Sales enablement software gives your sales team the tools they need to communicate with each prospect in the most effective way.
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What is sales enablement?

Simply put, sales enablement software helps your sales team to be more effective at selling. It does this by providing your sales team with quick access to appropriate resources at the right point in the buying cycle.

One of the most popular forms of sales enablement software is digital asset management. With DAM, salespeople can quickly find and distribute valuable content to help personalize and reinforce their sales pitch.

What are the benefits of using sales enablement software?

No buyer is the same. So, therefore, no two sales pitches should be the same. Although personalization may seem easy in a theoretical sense, executing a fully personalizable sales strategy in practice is not easy.

This is where utilizing sales enablement software can help. Digital asset management can provide salespeople will a vast library of sales material, so they can select and distribute the material that more closely fits the prospect in question.

Distributing appropriate takeaway content to the sales prospect is also an effective way of making your sales pitch more permanent. This could be a case study from a similar client, a completed RFP or the presentation slides from your meeting. They can look back on the content and re-affirm why is it they are buying from you.

How can DAM better enable your sales team?

A digital asset management system helps the salesperson to tailor-make the sales pitch by offering personalized marketing materials to the prospect.

Offering sales content to the prospect will keep your proposition at the forefront of their mind.

A digital asset management system can act as a bridge between the marketing and sales teams. Marketing can fill the DAM with useful sales enablement materials, and the sales team can distribute them to sales prospects.

By distributing content to the potential buyer, you can increase your net of influence within that organization. If the prospect shares your content to other team members within the organization, you can build further internal support for your offering, without even talking to anyone.

But it needs to be the right content you are sharing. The more specific and useful the content is to the buyer, the more useful the buyer will find it, and therefore the more likely they will be to pass it onto their colleagues. Populating a DAM with highly personalized content will help the sales team deliver the right sales content to the right prospects.

By sharing a collections link from within a digital asset management system (like Bynder), the prospect can access a customized portal that's personalized with marketing and sales content relevant to them.

Sales enablement software FAQ’s

A DAM demo is a great way to learn about the product and really understand how it could benefit you, with a helping hand from one of our consultants. There is no obligation to buy, and the demo can be arranged at a time that best suits you.

Digital asset management is a type of sales enablement software, primarily focusing on providing sales personnel with access to the content they need at the correct point in the buying cycle.

The type of sales enablement software you choose will dictate the price you pay, as some software classes are more expensive than others. For a no-obligation digital asset management quote, visit our pricing page.

For free access to the Bynder trial, click here. Invite other members of your sales team to the trial too, so they can start to understand how digital asset management would benefit them in the sales process.