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Why invest in an online file sharing tool?

Storing, organizing and sharing files big or small is effortless with Bynder.
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Why do businesses need online file sharing tools?

Online file sharing can easily cause bottlenecks and other challenges for businesses if the right tools or resources aren’t used. It’s imperative for businesses to grow their brand by producing high-quality marketing materials, sales resources, videos, presentations and other engaging content.

Creative and marketing teams work with very large files to accomplish this, and using traditional methods to send these big files can be cumbersome and problematic for teams that need to move fast. Email attachments have common size restrictions for anything bigger than 100MB. Sharing files via FTP makes it difficult to track and manage your files. CDs or thumb-drives are costly and slow to send and can easily get lost in the mail.

Ensure the right files are sent to the right people securely while boosting productivity. Access and share your files with internal and external parties hassle free when you use Bynder for online file sharing and storage. You can work faster when you can send large files individually and even send multiple files simultaneously. Make sure your online sharing platform is secure and is supporting your workflows instead of clogging them up.

Who benefits from online file sharing?

Teams of all sizes can benefit by simplifying workflows using file sharing with DAM. The amount of time saved directly impacts how teams can creatively collaborate. When companies have multiple brands to manage, leveraging online file sharing and storage can help teams work more efficiently and stay organized.

IT departments love cloud-based DAM platforms because they’re easy to deploy and don’t eat up valuable resources. Security is paramount and leading DAM solutions take every precaution to protect critical business files.

Online file sharing overview

Upload any file no matter the size and share it easily. Eliminate size-based restrictions for email attachments and FTP file transfer services. Users can share a direct link or a download link directly from Bynder. With Bynder, all your files stay centralized and restrictions for sharing large files are a thing of the past.

Designed with the user in mind, file sharing in Bynder is an intuitive process. We’re recognized for our beautiful user interface with features that are easy to find and navigate. Teams are able to move quickly and with agility to find exactly what they need and share files with lightning-fast speed. Drag-and-drop files right into Bynder and share them instantly.

With enterprise-level security, Bynder makes sure your assets are always safe. Password protection, encryption, powerful permissions and more ensure only the right people can access the right files. Rest easy knowing your assets are locked down and secure.

Your team will be able to work effortlessly with reliable access to necessary files. People can work from any location anytime and still access the files they need. Just use your mobile device when you’re out of the office and share files in seconds.

Online file sharing: frequently asked questions

In today’s business environment, sending large files to colleagues and clients is part and parcel of the job. Many of these documents contain sensitive and confidential information that must reach the hands of certain individuals without any delay.

Online file sharing services make sending large files hassle-free. You can’t say the same about FTP or email. These services make it possible for businesses to quickly receive and send large files with little effort. These file sharing tools are key for small and large businesses alike.

File sharing shouldn’t be stressful—there’s enough to worry about already when running a business. File sharing websites allow you to simply and reliably create and upload large files. And security is always the main priority, with up-to-date details of where your files are and who’s accessing them.

The best online file sharing services boast both competitive pricing and cutting-edge features. They should offer sophisticated tracking tools and prioritize the security of your files. Below is the criteria we used to evaluate the top peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P file sharing) services.

  • Service Features: When looking for the best secure file transfer service for your business, you should consider the individual features the service offers. We determined the maximum number of sends, the maximum storage space provided, and the maximum file size limit for each service. We also checked to see if they deliver all file types, whether multi-user plans are available, how many days the files remain available, if they can send large files online and if a MS Outlook plugin is provided.
  • Tracking: Tracking tools are necessary during a large file transfer to clients or other employees. Top file sharing sites provide a confirmation receipt when your files have been successfully uploaded and when they have been successfully delivered. Some services provide an audit log, which managers can use to view and monitor their employees’ file-sharing activity.
  • Security: The best file sharing service should put security first. We looked for services that encrypt every file transfer and offer password protection to keep your files safe while they are stored on the company’s servers. Many of the best services also provide an isolated storage facility as an extra safety precaution.
  • Help & Support: Online file sharing services should be straightforward and easy to use. However, minor problems are inevitable. It’s imperative that quality help and support is available. We looked for services that provide email and telephone support, along with a FAQ section and a knowledge base located on their websites as additional resources.

Online file sharing services benefit businesses that need to transfer large, valuable files around the world. These enterprise-grade file sharing services not only save you time, but they can save you money and prevent frustration as well. Whether you are looking for a basic file sharing service or one filled with extra features (like big file transfer), one of the services in our review is sure to help streamline your business’s file-sharing activities.

Put an end to the FTP productivity drain while enhancing your professional image. Easily upload content with a fast, reliable and intuitive system that lets you organize files into folders and conveniently share and collaborate like never before. Share content with your team, external partners and vendors by simply sending them a link.

  • Send links to files or folders of content—no more training and help inquiries
  • Invite recipients to a shared folder for ongoing sharing
  • Receive email notifications when files are uploaded, downloaded or added—expediting the approval process

See how Bynder can help you effortlessly share your files both internally and externally by signing up for a demo.