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A guide to video making software

Video making software allows companies of all sizes to create, adapt, manage, distribute and analyze on-brand video assets to meet the exploding demand for video.
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What is video making software?

Video making software offers organizations of all sizes easy-to-use tools to create, edit, modify, and export video assets at scale. The best video making software provides powerful, yet simple, video editing tools and empower marketers to create personalized video content to meet their video marketing goals independently and with no additional video-editing skills.

Based on a timeline interface, video making software allows marketers to work with brand-approved video templates, replace copy and content, modify specific elements in the video image sequence—while maintaining brand consistency. Video assets can then be uploaded to social channels or stored in a digital asset library.

Once video assets are created, video making software allows projects to be exported in a variety of formats; these include compressed file formats for the web and mobile devices. The most competitive video making software offers features to create or update these formats quickly and automatically in order to populate every channel and personalize video content for localization.

The best video making software is the one that integrates with a digital asset management system to store, manage, and distribute video assets readily and securely. Book a demo to discover how Bynder's video making software and DAM can support your organization.

Why use video making software within marketing?

The shift to more video content is one of the most noticeable marketing trends in recent years. People are consuming videos more avidly than ever before and marketers have noticed—videos drive traffic, sales, and downloads; create leads and increase time spent on pages.

The creation of on-brand, promotional videos benefits companies of any size and in every industry. By adding videos to their marketing strategies, companies are able to:

  • Boost conversion rates, especially when the video is included within a landing page
  • Exponentially increase open rates in email marketing campaigns
  • Increase search engine rankings while encouraging shareability on social media

What are the benefits of using video making software?

Video making tools allow marketers to automate certain aspects of the video production process to boost video content production at scale. By creating multiple versions of video assets in a variety of formats to fit every social channel, video making software like Bynder's Studio help marketers populate every channel quickly and efficiently.

The best video making software offers an intuitive interface and an easy-to-use timeline to allow marketers to personalize video content without any need for additional skills. By having creatives create editable on-brand templates that can be safely reused by everyone in the organization, marketers can leverage personalized video software to edit copy and content and adapt each template to fit their marketing campaigns—independently and when they need it.

Social channels require a variety of specific formats. This puts a considerable strain on creative teams having to create and adapt new versions of each video to fit every channel and screen size. Video making software allows creatives and marketers alike to automate these processes, boost content production, and export batches of videos in seconds. These can be sent to the digital asset library for approval and storage or be uploaded to social channels—easily and error-free.

By allowing marketers to automate some processes and create personalized video content at scale, video making software helps them fuel optimization algorithms on social media while gaining insight on asset performance—which immediately translates into increased, long-lasting ROI.

Frequently asked questions about video making software

Video making software is an integral part of the martech stack of any modern business or agency. Whatever the industry—from retail to real estate, tech, or industrial—the demand for video marketing content is exploding at an unprecedented rate. Video making software is the ideal tool for marketing and creative teams who need to personalize video content at scale and wish to do so in-house. It allows companies to produce high-quality, on-brand videos while decreasing reliance on external agencies.

There are many types of video making software available on the market. The best ones offer intuitive timelines and the ability to automate specific aspects of the content creation process. But what really sets the bar high when it comes to this kind of software is the ability to seamlessly integrate with a digital asset management system. In this way, new videos can be created using only brand approved assets in the DAM library—to safeguard brand consistency—while newly produced video assets can be sent to the library for approval, be stored there, and be automatically updated when changes are made.

Creating video content at scale is still challenging for many companies. By crafting each asset one at a time, as they have until now, companies can’t keep up with the exploding volume and the rapid turnaround that digital marketing requires. Designed to simplify the whole creative development process, from creation to distribution, video making software comes to the rescue of every organization planning to increase their video output.

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