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Definition: Digital asset management workflows

What are digital asset management workflows?

Digital asset management workflows and media library workflows are the lists of consecutive tasks required to complete a particular action or achieve a specific goal with single or multiple digital assets. Digital asset management workflows help to guide asset management activities and ensure a successful outcome. They make it easier for brands to track progress and performance and coordinate tasks and responsibilities.

Digital asset management and media library workflows can be set up to recur and/or be triggered by external events.

Workflows differ but commonly include:

  1. Content creation
  2. Metadata management
  3. Online and offline storage
  4. Access and permission control
  5. Distribution and delivery
  6. Performance analysis

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How digital asset management and media library workflows benefit businesses

Better task management
Many brands struggle with coordinating remote workers and ensuring internal and external teams are on the same page with tasks and responsibilities. Digital asset management workflows offer a centralized, secure portal for managers to assign and reassign tasks, track projects and get better transparency on assets that require review or sign-off.

Faster approvals
Faster approval processes means more content to market, quicker. It means sales teams can get personalized content in front of hot leads before competitors step in.

Digital asset management workflows make it easy for all users to check the status of assets from one centralized location and smooth out any bottlenecks. They also mitigate issues with version control.

Improved brand consistency
When every stakeholder is working from the same digital asset management workflow it is much easier to make sure that the most up-to-date asset is being used. This means the right images will match product descriptions, the correct logos are used and the brand guidelines are always followed.

Better integration with your martech stack
Most brands use a variety of software and tools for different tasks, which can cause issues with integration. Digital asset management workflows provide better visibility over the whole marketing technology stack, giving users a better understanding of how everything fits together and who is in charge of what and when.