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Secure cloud storage

What is secure cloud storage?

Secure cloud storage for business refers to the processes, systems, protocols, tools, and technology required to store professional and personal data online. Businesses need the most secure cloud storage to ensure their digital assets are protected and they honor their responsibilities to customers, stakeholders, suppliers, freelancers, agencies, etc.

A wide range of digital assets and files can be stored in the cloud. These include photos, videos, animations, digital text documents, illustrations, and much more.

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What makes cloud storage secure?

When investing in this kind of storage system, businesses need to ascertain how secure cloud storage is. Here are some factors to consider when choosing cloud storage.

End-to-end encryption
All files need to be end-to-end encrypted, and the supplier should be able to demonstrate that encryption occurs before the file even leaves the device. Once encrypted, the files can be transferred via the internet to your secure cloud storage. Only the cloud storage owner should be able to decrypt the files. The owner does this via an encryption key.

Specific certifications—such as ISO 27018:2019, awarded by independent accreditation bodies—certify a supplier's ability to protect their customers' personally identifiable information. Always make sure you choose a cloud storage provider that is ISO 27018-certified and fully compliant with regulations.

24/7/365 surveillance
The best cloud storage services rely on specialist software teams surveilling and monitoring the systems around the clock. Their main responsibilities include watching out for cybersecurity attacks, applying patches if a breach occurs, and stress-testing their cloud security systems.

They achieve this by setting up an internal information security management system that ensures data protection at all times. Certifications such as ISO 27001:2013 are awarded to those companies that take rigorous measures to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve an information security management system.

Business continuity
The best cloud storage providers guarantee their customers' business continuity under all circumstances, including in the event of natural calamities, technical failures, and malicious or accidental human acts. It is essential to rely on cloud storage providers with robust contingency plans to mitigate the consequences of incidents and disasters—intentional or unintentional—that could result in data loss.

Certifications such as ISO 22301:2019 are awarded to those providers that take rigorous measures to protect clients from the risks associated with downtime following unexpected disruptive incidents.

Redundancy is a method of data protection. It involves creating and storing multiple copies of digital files in different locations to protect important files from being lost or destroyed. Redundancy is almost impossible to achieve without using a cloud storage system.

Security updates
Cloud storage service providers constantly update their security measures which protect your files from malware and viruses. This is very hard to manage without specialist knowledge and a significant advantage of using a secure cloud storage service.

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