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Definition: Video marketing tools

What are video marketing tools?

Online video marketing tools are the apps, platforms, interfaces, and technologies that support and enable a brand’s video marketing activities. The best marketing video tools are simple to use and do not require specific technical knowledge. Marketers have reported that video can increase conversion rates by up to 120%, so it’s well worth taking the time to produce video that delivers a seamless, high-quality experience that will delight your audience.

Video marketing tools enable marketers to create the on-brand promotional videos they need to stand out online. Adding a video to a landing page increases conversions, and improves user experience (after all, everyone loves video content.) It also helps increase email marketing conversion rates and boosts social media engagement, which then strengthens SEO activities.

Video continues to dominate social media channels. It is a highly effective tool for increasing brand awareness, addressing barriers to sale, driving high-quality leads and ultimately increasing sales and conversions. By using video-making software brands can create, edit, modify, and publish video content at scale across all channels—and learn from the results.

Benefits of video marketing tools

No need for specific technical knowledge
Users of the best video marketing tools don’t need to have additional video editing or design skills. Content is easily edited, modified, and personalized through an intuitive interface, and branded templates can be used to save time, and ensure consistency with brand guidelines.

Quicker production and publishing workflows
Many brands struggle to produce enough video content to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. Video marketing tools speed up content creation and publication processes, and improve collaboration. They also enable marketers to automate aspects of the video production process, and create different versions to suit specific channels, and platforms.

Boost content performance and ROI
The best video marketing tools come with built-in features that are optimized for algorithms on social media platforms, and other marketing channels. This improves content performance, while delivering a seamless, high-quality user experience. By monitoring engagement, marketers can identify areas for improvement, and opportunities for increasing ROI.