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Sub-Processors Bynder

Sub-Processors Bynder

Bynder uses certain sub-processors to assist in providing the services as described in the agreement between customer and Bynder. This sub-processor page includes information about the identity, location, and role of each sub-processor. Defined terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the agreement.

What is a sub-processor?

A sub-processor is a third party engaged by Bynder—including entities from within the corporate structure of Bynder—that (potentially) have access to personal data to perform some of Bynder’s obligations under the agreement; e.g., to assist with infrastructure services, content delivery networks, or customer support. Before engaging any sub-processors, Bynder performs intakes to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices and executes agreements implementing applicable obligations.

Infrastructure & content delivery network (“CDN”) provider

Bynder may use the following sub-processor to host customer data or as CDN to assist with the delivery of the Bynder product(s). CDNs do not have access to customer data itself, but are systems commonly used to provide fast delivery of content based on the geographic location of the individual accessing the content and the origin of the content provider:


Other Sub-Processors

Bynder may also use the following sub-processors to provide the Bynder product(s):


Bynder entities

The following entities are part of the corporate structure of Bynder. Depending on the geographic location of a customer, Bynder may also engage one or more of the following entities as sub-processors:



As Bynder is continuously improving its product(s), the sub-processors used may also change. Bynder will promptly update this page with any new or replacement sub-processors and notify customers before, and how, such sub-processors will process personal data. Please check back frequently for updates.