Following your morning latte, you sit to answer the weekend’s mails. Scanning quickly through, you spot an email from a client. Mental deadlines, and priorities have shifted, and you start to feel a bit overwhelmed. Where do you start? The carefully planned day you imagined no longer exists.

Helllloo, Monday.

We know it’s coming, it’s inevitable. Mondays are rough, but we have to survive them. Here’s a quick guide to get through every #ManicMonday #LikeABoss

Know your Body
If you are a morning person, you’ll most likely be able to get far more done during the first part of the day, so take on complex tasks early. Keep routine tasks, such as answering emails, meetings, and other mundane tasks for the afternoon, when you are more lethargic.

Prioritize Prioritizing
Arranging your day or week takes mental effort, so do this when your capabilities are the freshest or you feel relaxed. For some this may be at the top of the morning, and for others it can be during your afternoon wind down.

Group Similar Tasks
Our brains function by lumping similar items together. Leverage this by arranging related tasks back-to-back. Schedule all meetings around the same part of the day, or draft all your emails at once. It could be as simple as taking all your Skype calls around the same time.

Commit to Downtime, Recharge
Tired people don’t perform well. It’s a fact. The more difficult the task, the more mental effort it takes. The brain can only keep focused for a limited amount of time, so it is absolutely necessary to give your brain a rest. Listen to your body, and take breaks.

Save the Drama (read, emails.)
Learn how to screen your emails. Of course you should always answer time-sensitive emails straight away, but save all the others post-lunch. This allows you to focus more easily at the tasks on hand, so you aren’t distracted by the little things.

Maximize the potential of your colleagues. Don’t be afraid to voice it if you are having a busy week, you may need some help! Think about how your co-workers can be of use, and explore their full potential. Remember- Teamwork makes the dream work!

Create a Five-Minute List.
When you know your energy is waning, don’t start major tasks. Make a quick list of things you can do in-between. Tedious tasks that don’t require much brain power, but still must be done.

Clear the Clutter
Keeping a clean office is the simplest ways to boost your productivity! Make things quickly retrievable. Don’t struggle to find tools, pens or documents. Keep your desk clutter-free. Instead of staring at unsightly piles of papers, check out your colleague's pretty smile!

Now Go on, #TackleTuesday, #LikeABoss

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