Despite its futuristic connotations, artificial intelligence (AI) itself is nothing new. Every time you search in Amazon’s toolbar, or watch a recommended show on Netflix, you are interacting with AI. The technology decides the content most relevant to what you’re looking for, interpreting inexact searches and past usage to generate the most relevant results.

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Given its success in daily activities, it’s easy to see how this technology can translate perfectly into the digital asset management (DAM) environment. After all, a DAM kind of acts like a Netflix or Pinterest for your company’s videos and images, doesn’t it?


The reality is that there's skepticism as to whether AI will immediately prove itself useful to the DAM industry, questioning whether the generic auto-suggested tags coming from APIs such as Google Cloud Vision are specific enough to be used for business. This means human intervention is still needed to fully categorize images.

However, in contrast, the AI capabilities being released now can do the heavy lifting of the tagging needed for images, taking on a majority of the work.

Tweet: The AI capabilities can do the heavy lifting of the tagging of images, taking on a majority of the work

For the retailer uploading 1,000 images from a product shoot that need to be tagged, AI automating up to 80% of the tags needed - with 80% accuracy - is a welcome sight.

B2C Paving the Way

The AI we’re familiar with is being pioneered by consumer facing industries, across the board. Take Pinterest, for example, where the vertical video feed is currently rolling out a tool that uses deep learning to search for items within an image. What does that mean? f you're looking at a photo of a living room and are only interested in the lamp, you can single out that specific item.

Retail is also full of great innovation examples powered by the evolution of AI. Online shopping has transformed the process of filtering online catalogues; where you used to have traditional check boxes and exact search terms, now you have an intuitive, automatic determination of the color, size and even style of the clothing to suit the user.

AI-capabilities-Bynder AI-capabilities-Bynder AI-capabilities-Bynder AI-capabilities-Bynder Artificial intelligence and the future of DAM

AI for Business is Here

Tweet: AI for Business is here

And now B2B is not far behind - AI for DAM is arriving and can be used in everyday business. Bynder’s latest AI capabilities are empowering marketers with the ability to automate the uploading of visual assets.

Tweet: Bynder’s AI capabilities empower marketers with the ability to automate and streamline daily processes

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With automated tags generated with 80% accuracy upon upload, marketers can find what they need faster, saving hours of administrative duties including organization of all marketing graphics, files and videos. This sits right at the heart of what we believe is important for marketers today; freeing up the time to get back to their creative roots.

With discussion around technology displacing the administrative duties of marketers, it’s important to remember that marketers will always be needed as the chief creators, directors and architects of great campaigns.

Bynder’s new AI capabilities are not just about saving time in organizing images, but a bellwether for what’s to come - a more intuitive, robust DAM offering.

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