One of the most important elements of your company’s success is the company culture. Company culture reflects the values, beliefs and the behaviors of your entire workforce. Swift progression without a specific set of rules can make it even more difficult to create a strong culture throughout your company, which is why it is crucial to have a laser focus on the integration of your company culture.

Google, Salesforce, and Apple are all significant examples of businesses with a strong, highly innovative culture. Apple’s company culture is built on the basis of innovation, while Google incorporates innovation in the recruitment process. To avoid hiring the wrong people, Google’s recruitment team only considers the top tier of talented individuals who leave no doubts about their ability to assimilate to Google’s culture. Low hierarchies improve employee satisfaction, which directly correlates to profitable business growth. Salesforce, the leading solution for global cloud computing has an open forum culture, which allows staff to analyze data and share ideas within the company.

Another outstanding example for open and innovative culture is the Dutch tech brand Schulberg Philis. The company cultivates a ”0 hierarchy” culture and mandates of acceptable behaviors: Each of their employees is empowered to create, develop and manage innovative ideas and solutions. Schulberg Philis believes joint efforts result in long-term highly satisfied customers.

Take a look below for five ways to begin building your own innovative culture.

Pursuit with Purpose

To create an open and transparent culture within your company, everyone must be in alignment. When every employee feels they are able to share his/her ideas and initiatives, your business flourish, and your mission will be much more achievable.

The Process Is Inclusive

Acknowledge every employee as part of your business development, so individuals are able to learn from each other and become more open to different point of views, skills, and knowledge. Happy employees are willing to put forth more effort in their work, are more productive, and work more effectively. Nix the elitist development group. Building an innovative culture means including your entire company in the innovative process.

Reward Innovation

The promotion of ideas and performance has always motivated employees. Create new practices that support the entire innovation progression, such as sponsoring internal contests, organizing crowdsourcing activates, or scheduling brainstorming meetings. Awards, giveaways or even bonuses also keep your employees engaged, motivated, and encouraged to continue innovatively producing.

Research and Measurement

Creating and maintaining an innovative culture also means being aware of market changes that pop up out of the blue, and being flexible enough to quickly adapt to change. Observing and analyzing how new advances and products are perceived both internally and externally is crucial, which is why research and measurement is crucial to the process of creating Therefore testing your new innovations and measuring them afterwards is a critical step to cultivating an innovative company culture.

Diversity Is Key

The most important thing you can do for your company is nurturing diversity. Diversity is, and can be viewed as a major cultural movement, which includes all stakeholders of a business. By sharing ideas and challenges, your company can provide a wider array of services and a more distinct portfolio of products in order to better meet the customer’s needs. Being more diverse simply allows for innovation.

Building a company culture that is both innovative and cherished means having clear and concise guidelines from the day of conception. Company culture is unique to individual enterprises, but much can be learned from companies who have perfected an enviable company culture. Innovation should be everybody’s business and responsibility! Involve your entire workforce in the process, and give your employees the freedom to come up with new ideas and solutions that support innovation. Innovative cultures are the cornerstones of long term and profitable growth for successful organizations.

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