Are you looking for or want to compare solutions Digital Asset Management but don’t know where to start? There are over 150 existing DAM solutions, but below you will find 4 organizations that can help you!

In terms of Digital Asset Management, the requirements vary greatly, and we see it daily, from simple file management to the overall management of branded content (Brand & Digital Asset Management). The features are all different, from workflow modules to brand guidelines! To assist you in your DAM quest, we’ve selected 4 references in the cloud solutions landscape. These organizations annually publish detailed reports on trends in the DAM market, particularly by offering in-depth analysis, practical advice, and relevant comparators as needed.

# 1. Real Story Group - The authority in the ranking of Digital Asset Management Solutions

Real Story Group is widely considered the authority in evaluation of Cloud solutions. Each year, Real Story Group publishes a study of different DAM solutions on the market, and offers a precise analysis of the features and benefits of the suppliers. The above link will take you to the page of the report published in 2015 on Digital Asset Management offers. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive ($ 895). To give you a comprehensive glimpse of the report, the chart below summarizes the points raised in the study.

This graph classifies solutions based on the evolutionary side of the product and company provider. These solutions are also color-coded according to their specification of the Digital Asset Management solution. Bynder was ranked in the "Turbulence" category (top right).

Comparing DAM Software 1

# 2. Gleanster - Recognized organization in the Cloud sector

Comparing DAM Software 2

Gleanster is also considered an expert organization in identifying and evaluating the various cloud solutions on the market. In 2014, Gleanster published a complete report on Digital Asset Management market trends, and best practices. The report also provides an analysis of the different market players, noting the tangible benefits of each solution. Unfortunately we are unable to publish parts of this report.

However, if you're interested, you can download it directly on the site mentioned above. Although the report is limited, we have a little trick: register on the site with a "trial version", and you will have the ability to download 1 document among the list provided. Once registered, you can go back to the report link, and you should be able to download it for free.

# 3. Capterra - Listing165 players in the DAM market

Comparing DAM Software 3

Capterra references a number of players in the Digital Asset Management market. Over 165 solutions are presented. You can sort the solutions according to the type of accommodation you want (e.g. web based / installed, etc.), and the features you want to find in your Digital Asset Management platform (e.g., share on social networks, version control, search by keyword, etc.). This tool does not "rank" solutions, but allows a good overview of the different players in the DAM market.

# 4. TopTenReview - Classification of DAM solutions

Comparing DAM Software 4

TopTenReview is an independent organization that provides comprehensive expertise in the field of new technologies especially cloud offerings. The classification provided by TopTenReview identifies ten market players which are: Webdam, Widen Media Collective, Nuxeo, MediaValet, Adobe Experience Manager Evolphin Zoom, Picturepark, Filecamp, Extensis Portfolio Server and Bynder.

Bynder was ranked # 1 out of ten in the rankings. You will find in this ranking, all the details of this evaluation, which is based mainly on the management tools (management features), sharing (sharing & collaboration), security, additional tools (additional features), the carrier provided (Help & Support) and supported configurations when local installation (supported configurations).

If you wish to find out more about the features offered with different Digital Asset Management solutions, click here.