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In last week's post, Xpenditure started their journey of conquering a new market using Bynder. Let's take a closer look at how they ensure the right people get access to the right assets. 

When uploading my files, I can decide whether or not my colleagues can access those straight away, or if I only want my Dutch colleagues to access them. Maybe I also want to ensure that colleagues need to request the download first.

Once I’ve tagged my files, I’m sending them for approval prior to publishing. That way, I can make sure a content admin checks that the files meet our standards for usage, so there’s no room for error. Also, my new colleagues in China can be assured that the materials they’re using are compliant, consistent, and aligned with our brand guidelines.

The ‘Country’ metaproperty allows me to define which users get role-based access to content in the DAM. There’s also a ‘Global’ metaproperty that can applied for content that everyone can access. This flexibility ensures we can tailor how content is distributed across markets, so all users only see what they need to see. Ultimately, all users are categorized into different user roles that define how much functionality is available to them in the system. This structure provides the control we need from a higher level, and the customization to ensure maximum autonomy for our users.

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Now that our new colleagues in China have access to the relevant materials, they can use Bynder’s file-sharing capabilities to engage with their prospects. By sharing a content collection, users can autonomously build their own personal and branded website and share it with their partners. They can also customize access to the collection, with the option to: download the originals, in low resolution, or just for view only with no download options. Now they’ve got what they need, partners can go out to meet prospects, and simply bring their iPads with them to showcase the latest and greatest assets.

Screenshot 2019 07 18 at 11 14 05

Conquering new markets can be exciting, and with a little help from Bynder, getting the right content to the right people makes the whole process smooth sailing!

International expansion really prompted us to find a better way to organize and distribute our assets.
Molly Catalano
VP of Marketing & Communications at Five Guys
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