Off to new grounds! How Bynder helps sales departments comply when conquering new markets

Market expansion. What does it entail in the digital era? One thing is for sure, market expansion goes far beyond just setting up a new office or sticking a sales rep into a new market and hoping for the best.

Collaborating across different regions and markets is standard procedure for most enterprise companies these days. Take the financial company Xpensitu. They’re launching into a new market, and to scale smoothly, they want to ensure their Sales team is 100% compliant with digital asset rights across the globe.

Xpensitu are planning to grow their operations across the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region, starting with China as their initial target market. As Xpensitu is headquartered in the Netherlands, coordinating with the new team based in China can be tricky when you’re dealing with not only a big time difference, but differences in working culture too. In order to ensure calls and meetings are as productive as possible, as a Sales rep, I want to ensure that colleagues in both regions are on the same page, with everyone having access to the relevant content.

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To achieve this, I’m uploading my content to Bynder and am guided through the process as I attach the correct categories (i.e. metaproperty options) to the uploaded materials. By doing this, data that is already embedded into the file, so-called EXIF data, such as copyrights or usage rights is automatically extracted and populates some of the fields set up in the asset library. If such information isn't embedded into the file, it can be filled in manually after upload and gets then mapped to the relevant fields upon download.

Now that everything is uploaded to Bynder correctly, the next step is to ensure that everyone has access to the right materials, which we’ll cover in the next post. Stay tuned!

Before Bynder, We had a whole host of issues that made it very difficult to work with digital assets. These included: Low upload and download speeds, We couldn’t connect to our previous platform from outside of the office. We couldn’t have some of our external partners access our documents and really collaborate in the management of our assets. And we just needed something that would help us live up to the expectations of this new brand mantra which is forever faster.
Eduardo Gallegos
Global Marketing Planning Manager at Puma

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