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Operating since 1962, Dorel Juvenile is the world's leading juvenile products company. On a mission to “empower parents on their journey through confidence,” their portfolio of brands includes globally-loved names such as Maxi-Cosi, Tiny Love, Safety 1st, and Cosco. Covering a wide range of parenting and lifestyle needs, they strive to achieve the same goal: caring for precious life.

With 2,700+ employees and a brand presence in over 100 countries, it was vital for Dorel Juvenile to have more oversight and control over how brand assets and marketing materials were used for each of their sub-brands. They needed a solution that could help promote brand consistency, while equally accommodating the originality and specific market needs of each brand in their portfolio.

We are a multi-brand company. Each brand has their own identity, their own bodies, their own lifestyle, images, videos. So of course the enterprise package [Bynder] offered was the solution for us to have a multi-brand platform where we could centralize all these assets.
Mónica Barrasa
Associate Manager, Global Brands & Marketing Communications at Dorel Juvenile

With Bynder’s DAM solution and built-in Brand Guidelines module, Dorel Juvenile found a new home for their library of digital assets—whether it’s advertising materials, e-commerce product imagery for retailers, or brand logos.

For us, content is really important. We have been building a really specific and strong content strategy over the past 4-5 years.

Across their brand portfolio, launching new products and the supporting go-to-market content needed an efficient, step-by-step process whereby local markets and retailers knew exactly which marketing materials to use, as well as market-specific guidelines on how to use them.

Most of our products we sell through retailers. So we need to make sure our sales teams and retailers have access to Bynder for all the necessary materials in order to advertise our products.

Now, they have the speed and agility to go to market quickly to create exceptional content experiences. This paired with the peace of mind that everyone is on the same page when it comes to promoting their brand in a way that is consistent, yet distinctively unique to each product and subbrand is a game-changer.

Our brand guidelines are easy to use, easy to access. It really offers an unlimited space to create guidelines, and for [our] brand personality as well.

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