Since its inception in 2010, EVBox has quickly become the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations for sustainable mobility—with 75,000 charging points located across 55 countries worldwide.

Positioned in the fast-growing clean tech industry, they’re committed to the cause in creating a zero-emission future for all; a mission powered by a global team spread across ten offices, with 150 partners in 50+ countries.

Given that EVBox’s business depends on an ever-expanding network of partners promoting and selling their solutions, they needed operations to be as self-sufficient as possible—while ensuring all partners were communicating a strong, recognizable, and consistent brand identity. And this is where Bynder comes in.

At EVBox, we have a motto that everything we do and decide must be international, scalable and future-proof. When looking for a DAM, we chose Bynder simply because it fits this criteria.
Hugo Pereira
VP of Growth & Strategy at EVBox

EVBox approached Bynder during a period of substantial business growth. Inevitably a positive for any young company, they were quickly realizing that they needed a tech solution to keep up with the demands of a growing, global partner network. Storing and sharing brand and product assets with partners via Google Drive or email wasn’t going to cut it anymore. 

As we continue to grow, we need a system that can scale as we evolve our brand position and strategy across multiple markets and segments.
Hugo Pereira
VP of Growth & Strategy at EVBox

Ultimately, EVBox needed a “digital nucleus” that could function as the one single space for enabling their global partner network with the latest product and brand assets, while also educating them on EVBox best practices. With different markets having different regulations, and new products launching regularly, maintaining brand (and legal) consistency was critical.

Evbox brand portal 1

The solution with Bynder

It wasn’t realistic for EVBox to micromanage every single partner—they needed to enable autonomy and flexibility among their partner network if they were to keep up with business demands and scale competitively.

With that in mind, Bynder created a solution for EVBox that enabled partners to be as self-sufficient as possible. That means:

  • An open asset library for colleagues and external partners to access the most up-to-date product, marketing and sales assets from a single online portal—no file-size limits, backed up with industry-leading security
  • An intuitive asset taxonomy that is customized to EVBox’s use case, so filtering assets is simple, straightforward, and understandable for everyone
  • An interactive internal wiki that brings the EVBox brand to life: brand guidelines, messaging, and product positioning that can be easily accessed by partners, so all stakeholders are continually educated on how to communicate the EVBox brand story
  • A built-in file-sharing feature, Bynder Express, to instantly and securely share digital assets from directly within the portal, cutting out unnecessary back-and-forth emails
  • It really does function as the “digital nucleus”: Bynder integrates with other technologies that EVBox use during their content operations, helping to create an interconnected digital ecosystem that reduces the need for extra tooling and enables a more efficient workflow for everyone
Bynder is future-proof as its features and integrations are always evolving. It means the right teams will always have access to the right assets, no matter which tool they use.
Hugo Pereira
VP of Growth & Strategy at EVBox

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