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Founded in 2008, the prestigious Paris Society group is a key player in France’s hospitality industry, with 225M in revenue over the last year, more than 3,000 employees, and a portfolio of 50 exceptional venues.

Paris Society has an ambition to reinvent the art of entertainment, driven by the group’s four key pillars: 

  • CLUBS: Institutions that keep the Parisian nightlife moving
  • TABLES: Exceptional restaurants transforming the art of dining
  • EVENTS: A unique portfolio of event venues
  • HOTELS: The result of all its know-how to transform an everyday getaway into an unforgettable interlude
From our beginnings in the world of nightlife, we have kept the best: a sense of celebration, generosity, and a good dose of audacity.
Laurent de Gourcuff
Founder at Paris Society

The need for Bynder

The hospitality innovators have set themselves some ambitious growth targets – over the next 3-4 years, Paris Society is planning 50 new openings as part of its mission to become a global market leader.

To scale its operations internationally and meet these targets, the group needed a better way to collaborate both internally and externally when managing its brand and marketing content. Previously using Google Drive to manage all digital assets, the team was quickly outgrowing its functionality and it was hindering their ability to collaborate and control how brand assets were being used.

We really needed to provide all our collaborators with a place where they could find up-to-date assets – a single source of truth. That's one of the reasons why we chose to invest in [Bynder’s] DAM.
Solenne Bouffard
Communications Officer at Paris Society [Quote translated from French]

Creating a scalable single source of truth with Bynder

Since onboarding Bynder’s digital asset management solution, a range of stakeholders at Paris Society – from marketers to external photographers – now have a central location to manage content and use the platform to efficiently scale the brand’s marketing efforts to new markets.

We've had extremely positive feedback. Many users and staff are delighted to be able to find photos, videos, or even documents so easily, which wasn't the case before.
Antoine Béguin
Brand Manager at Paris Society [Quote translated from French]

Paris Society has also implemented Bynder’s Brand Guidelines module, which the company sees playing a critical role in communicating a consistent brand identity as they scale.

Setting up the DAM is extremely simple. The tool is very intuitive, and users quickly get the hang of it.
Antoine Béguin
Brand Manager at Paris Society [Quote translated from French]

Book a demo and see what Bynder can do for you

Over 4,000 organizations worldwide use Bynder as their brand’s digital home for delivering exceptional content experiences. From centralized file storage and secure asset sharing to better brand consistency and project collaboration, we have a tailored solution to fit the needs of each and every customer. Why not see what Bynder can do for you with a free demo?

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