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Founded in 2013, Berlin-based Infarm is a vertical farming company on a mission to revolutionize the global food supply chain and make cities more self-sufficient in their food production. Intelligently combining AI and agriculture to build a network of climate-resilient and energy-efficient farms, the brand’s modular vertical farming systems are capable of growing more than 500,000 plants annually on just 40m2 of floor space.

So far, Infarm has harvested over 40 million plants, saving more than 145 million liters of water, 203,000m2 of land, and nearly 1.6 million food miles (about 3 million km) with its ingenious production methods.

In recent years, the certified B Corp company has partnered with the world’s top retail chains across North America and Europe. Internal teams were finding it difficult to scale brand and marketing efforts and manage digital assets effectively. Infarm’s Brand Project Team Lead, Eve Hohwieler, explains:

Before Bynder, there was a lot of strain on employees in terms of managing our brand assets. We didn’t have a tool to organize the distribution and we weren’t able to create content to the highest standard as we would have liked.

Without a dedicated digital asset management solution, Infarm was managing its assets in Google Drive and quickly outgrowing its limits. Only a select amount of people had access, so the marketing team had to manually share and distribute assets as and when they were requested—obviously not a good use of time or resources.

We would get constant requests for assets via email, but there was no streamlined briefing, feedback, and approval process in place. This made it difficult to track changes to files and ensure only the latest files were used.

Infarm’s marketing team was also spending an estimated 20+ hours per week locating and sharing assets, and the prevalence of printing incorrect/unapproved brand assets resulted in many unnecessary costs for the business. Faced with these challenges, Infarm looked to Bynder to solve its content management and distribution challenges.

We now have a single source of truth for all of Infarm’s assets, which makes it so much easier to find and use content.

No longer having to deal with endless "Do you know where XYZ image is?" requests, Infarm’s self-service DAM portal is equipped with a custom-made taxonomy tailored to the company’s internal terminology, making sure everyone can find and distribute content with ease.

The system is incredibly intuitive, well organized, and the personalized taxonomy system has been incredibly helpful in enabling people to find what they want easily.

Infarm’s DAM solution is also equipped with Bynder’s Creative Workflow module. This gives the team much-needed control and oversight over the creative process when producing assets, so everything that’s published is on time and on brand.

The Creative Workflow module is allowing us to collaborate with stakeholders in a way that we never have before. It's just making the process really smooth so the result is a very enjoyable creative process.

Now content requests and briefs are standardized; feedback and approval rounds are seamless, and finished assets are produced to a standard the team can be proud of.

It allows us to have more time to think about the whole creative process in general and really improve the quality of all the work we do.

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