Maybe it was the guy who asked a deeply personal question before the appetizers arrived, or the gal who talked about herself without pausing to ask you a single question, or the date who wouldn’t stop talking about an ex…

If you’ve ever been on a bad first date, you’ve probably experienced one of these faux pas. These cringe-worthy behaviors can kill a relationship before it starts.

Whether it’s revealing too much information or getting serious too fast, brands are guilty of making the same mistakes as bad dates. Here are some of the most common “first-date” faux pas for brands and how to avoid them.

You won’t quit talking about yourself

Singles named talking about oneself the entire night as one of the biggest first-date faux pas, according to a survey conducted by a British dating service. Unfortunately, some brands make this mistake, too. If your brand is completely focused on how great your company or product is, customers are likely to feel ignored or turned off. Show customers you’re interested in their needs.

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You’re a Negative Nelly

Negativity was another major first-date faux pas identified by survey respondents. Excessive complaining or talking poorly about an ex on a first-date makes a bad impression. Is your brand projecting negativity by tapping into customers’ fears or trash-talking competitors? If so, you might not be making a great first impression. When it comes to brand management, your tone of voice matters.

You over-communicate

You return home after a first date and realize your date has already texted you – four times. The next morning, you receive an email from your date, then a phone call in the afternoon. Brands often act the same way. As soon as we give a company our email, we’re barraged with marketing emails. Sending too many messages may simply encourage customers to click “unsubscribe.”

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You’re offensive

Most of us wouldn’t bring up sensitive topics like sex, politics or religion on a first date. Think carefully about using edgy or overtly offensive material to attract attention – it could turn customers away before they get a chance to know your brand.

You share way too much information

Just like the date who tells you about their digestive problems a few minutes into dinner, giving customers more information than they need to know can kill the romance fast. Showcase your brand’s best attributes and leave everything else behind the scenes.

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You try to move too fast

A date who starts talking about marriage and kids on the first date can scare us off. Does your brand pressure prospects into making a big commitment right away? You might be turning off potential customers.

You act disinterested

If your date didn’t glance up from their smartphone the whole evening, you’d assume they weren’t very interested in you. Does your brand show customers you’re listening to their concerns? Is it easy for them to contact your organization? Do you show customers when you’ve incorporated their suggestions into your products or services? If not, customers may assume you’re just not that into them.

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