A major challenge for modern companies is how to strike the balance between local and global when it comes to branding. It’s a familiar story: a global business with siloed, inconsistent assets and processes across regions wishing they could do better by their customers and their employees. Rich’s Products, a family-owned food company with over 4,000 product types and serving over 100 countries, was at that point and ready to take action to transform its brand.

For a food company especially, the local/global balance is critical. To achieve this, Rich’s needed to improve content creation and customization capabilities in order to create a cohesive, enjoyable digital experience for customers. What’s more, the company wanted to decrease time spent on complex branding initiatives and remove the need for duplication of efforts for their employees.

Lift and adapt: innovative technologies for a cohesive branding strategy

Rich’s selected Bynder, a digital asset management leader, to help manage digital content, using the platform’s Digital Brand Templates and Studio as instrumental components of what we called the “lift and adapt” approach. Bynder’s capabilities enabled global teams to create assets that could be lifted from one central source and adapted by region, ensuring consistency and culturally appropriate branding across the entire business.

This is no small feat when one considers how complex digital campaigns are – they involve every department in the company including marketing, sales, distributors, and more. Branding updates and implementing new technologies can feel overwhelming even for the most robust marketing teams, but it’s important to think about the payoff. It’s the “teach a man to fish” mentality; by empowering everyone across the business to create assets, the company culture naturally shifts to a more innovative, brand-focused way of thinking. This also means that marketers are free to use their time more effectively and strategically.

Testing it out: a global integrated Mother’s Day campaign

Easily one of the most important holidays for the bakery sector, Mother’s Day presented Rich’s with the perfect opportunity to test out the new branding and the DAM. Historically, local markets would handle the holiday on their own, but the lift and adapt approach was ready for a test drive.

Rich’s came up with one campaign narrative at the global level and developed static and video templates for social, web, and email marketing. Partners and brands could then quickly and easily create their own versions of the content for localization, using different languages, cultural references, segments, product mixes, or however else they needed to customize.

The results were dramatic: leveraging Bynder, they were able to create the content needed for one-third of the average cost. The on-brand content generated was higher value, as well. Video views on owned social channels tripled, demonstrating that investing in creating a better digital experience for customers was quickly paying off. On the employee and partner side, the time saved creating assets from scratch across 100 countries meant not getting bogged down in mundane adaptation by region or platform.

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People-first approaches always win

Every company wants to do well by the people that drive its success – namely, customers and employees. On the customer end, creating the best digital experience possible is a key component of that. For global companies, this entails the additional consideration of localization to ensure appropriate context and personalization in addition to the challenges of brand consistency.

On the employee side of things, the Bynder DAM platform, and static and video branded templates drive productivity and innovation while enabling higher quality and volume of content across the board. The company benefits by extension, garnering more sales and reduced costs while the brand can put its best foot forward.

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