I often lay awake at night wondering what the next steps for our image bank software should be. Where's the industry going? What's the bottleneck for our customers? And what will it be next year? So, what makes the best digital asset management tool?

For sure, storage needs are growing exponentially, just think about what the next generation of super high resolution tv screens. These new ultraHD screens have 8 times the resolution, that'll mean the next standard for video will be at least 8 times bigger. But computer screen sizes are increasing too. I'm expecting a huge increase of video and image quality in corporate imagebanks. Uploading, previewing and editing the growing amount and size of media files is going to be paramount, just for the marketing department to survive. They'll be relying heavily on powerful online image bank software to allow them to scan all their digital assets (without actually having to open them).

So, how are we coping with these changes at Bynder? Well, from a storage point of view, since we've made the transition to S3, the cloud's the limit. But we are focussing a lot of time towards making large formats easier to 'speed view'. Making thumbnails in several sizes to allow superfast 'scrubbing' of collections.

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