REPORT Bynder ranked #1 enterprise DAM in G2’s 2023 Fall Report

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Context is queen

I’m about to take you on a journey through some of our customers and industry-wide most commonly known strategic initiatives and use case stories.

About the author, Helena Mrozik:

"My journey at Bynder started four years ago. For most of this time, I’ve worked with Bynder’s enterprise customers implementing the product in the most effective, efficient, and creative ways. Leveraging this experience, I joined Bynder’s Product Team to contribute to creating the next generation Digital Asset Management (DAM). My passion lies with product strategy and tech, representing the customer’s voice and translating it into product capabilities. When looking at the future of DAM, I believe that it lies in connectivity and AI. Based on that, I’ve chosen some of the topics of my mini-series in which I’m proclaiming that it’s not the amount of content but the RIGHT content you need! Take that content and share it everywhere!

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