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How a Premium Spirits Brand grew indirect e-commerce revenue with an optimized DAM & PIM workflow for their portfolio of over 200 brands

Premium Spirits Brand
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The brand is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. Originally known for its eponymous white rum, it now has a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels.

This Premium Spirits Brand currently employs more than 7,000, operates more than 20 production facilities, and sells its brands in more than 170 countries.

Bynder X Premium Spirits Brand X inriver X EPAM: Highlights

Background: This Premium Spirits Brand wanted to grow its indirect e-commerce route to market while also providing customers with up-to-date, high-quality digital product marketing information to support distributor and consumer sales.

Challenge: This Premium Spirits Brand wanted to continue to reach its global audience with relevant messages across a growing number of digital channels and marketplaces. The brand planned to use this opportunity to modernize the distribution of all assets and product information while operating under short timelines.

Solution: As part of a wider digital marketing initiative, the Premium Spirits Brand and EPAM worked together to leverage best-of-breed technologies—Bynder for digital asset management (DAM) and inriver for product information management (PIM)—to optimize their digital ecosystem.

Results: The Premium Spirits Brand now benefits from an interconnected best-of-breed marketing tech stack that boosts asset reuse and shortens time to market for all product marketing activities.

Since the implementation of Bynder, our team has a single view of digital assets, increased visibility, control over our brand, and accelerated our time to market.
Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Premium Spirits Brand


Aside from conventional consumers, a Premium Spirits Brand also sells its products to partners, with many of them in turn selling these products online to distributors/global consumers. This is called an indirect e-commerce route to market (RTM).

The brand wished to grow this RTM and provide customers with up-to-date, high-quality digital product marketing information to support distributor and consumer sales.

The challenges for a Premium Spirits Brand

The Premium Spirits Brand indirect e-commerce route to market (RTM) model required different trade customers around the globe to have access to different content. However, distributing brand- consistent assets and product information was an inefficient, time-consuming, and manual process.

The Premium Spirits Brand Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution prior to Bynder was no longer fit for purpose and needed to be replaced. However, they needed to ensure they could keep up with demand and continue advertising to consumers and trade customers during this transition. A Premium Spirits Brand used this opportunity to begin a digital transformation, working with EPAM to find the best technologies to improve the distribution of all assets and product information to help drive their business.

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Collaboration with Bynder & inriver

Working closely with the Premium Spirits Brand, EPAM leveraged open APIs to implement the DAM and PIM technologies, making the integration seamless and efficient.

It allowed the marketing team at this Premium Spirits Brand to focus on expanding their digital channels and driving results, instead of sourcing product content or manually updating spreadsheets.

Bynder X inriver + EPAM: Premium Spirits Brand: Key benefits

Time to market
Migrating to new technologies enabled the Premium Spirits Brand to focus on their primary business goals and expand their digital channels without worrying about inefficient systems or relying on manual processes to update files.

Improved discoverability
Simplified and powerful metadata search functionality enabled this Premium Spirits Brand to quickly and easily locate specific content—improving overall efficiency and team performance.

Improved customer experience
Easy access to accurate data and relevant content improved customer experience for partners and suppliers across channels.

The Bynder platform enabled EPAM to help this Premium Spirits Brand with the automation of end-to-end processes with regards to creation and distribution of digital product marketing information, allowing it to achieve true omnichannel efficiencies.
Eugene Nikiforov
Head of PIM & DAM expertise, EPAM