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What is digital media library software and how can marketing managers use Bynder as a tool

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What is digital media library software?

Digital media library software is a configurable digital storage platform that helps busy marketers locate, organize, manage, and share content. It helps facilitate collaboration internally and externally and accelerates time to market. Digital media libraries support a variety of rich media such as video, photos, images, design files, presentations, slideshares and other media files. Businesses can use the library to access media files from both desktop and mobile devices.

How can digital media library software help marketing managers?

Digital media library software can help businesses including e-commerce retailers and marketers in a variety of ways:

It saves time and resources. A well-organized digital media library saves precious time sourcing images, and checking they are correct or the most current file available. You can automate the process of publishing or sharing images with just a few clicks, meaning you have more time to plan and refine your wider sales and marketing activities.

It enhances quality control. If your business has ever mistakenly used an old logo or image, you’ll understand the benefits of ensuring that only the most current approved images and files are used in your collateral and campaigns. Digital media library software helps you keep a close eye on file management, meaning no one internally or externally can make this error.

It keeps you in control of copyright and usage. You maintain full control of your digital files, throughout their entire lifecycle. You can assign usage permissions, and set expiry dates, even after you have shared the assets.

You can protect your brand and enhance brand positioning. Some of the most important aspects of building positive brand awareness are ensuring you are recognizable and that you are associated with quality and professionalism. Making sure every piece of collateral that you publish is correct, of a high standard and 100% on-brand is vital.

You can collaborate in a secure, creative space. Great marketing is all about creative collaboration. Using a centralized digital media library enables you to work on multiple projects simultaneously - with both internal and external collaborators - on an interactive platform that streamlines processes and communication, and helps track progress and successes.

What are the benefits of digital media library software

The best media library software allows you to manage all your digital assets from one easy-to-use, centralized location. No more searching through servers and hard drives for an elusive image, and no more endless email chains to track. Everything is handled in one secure repository.

The best digital media library helps streamline your processes while facilitating collaboration. With just a few clicks you can;

  • Search and locate files
  • Edit, tag or otherwise manage the content
  • Check or manage permissions and usage
  • Download digital media in whatever format you choose
  • Add additional edits to the content if required
  • Share assets internally or externally
  • Upload the content to your website or content marketing platform

And if that sounds good, you can also automate the distribution of your content to your key customer platforms such as your website. Saving you time while keeping you in control.

Digital media libraries enable you to share files both internally and externally with just a few clicks. Plus you can control usage permissions and set expiration dates even after it’s shared - so you remain in control at all times. And if you need to see who’s had access in the past, no problem. Simply check the sharing history for a full record of users and recipients.

As we mentioned above, successful marketers need a collaborative space to create the campaigns and projects that will help them grow their business. Working from an interactive, centralized portal makes collaboration a breeze - and with the added benefit of great file tracking and sourcing capabilities, you’ll have everything you need to get your products to market on time, on budget and with the highest quality marketing communications to support them.

You remain in full control of the permission and usage rights of all your content, at all times. You can change and manage access even after you have shared and collaborated on files. Plus you can set expiry dates so you don’t need to constantly check up on files that should only be accessible by specific parties for a limited time.

You have the option to download your digital assets in whatever format you require. This ensures consistency, reduces the margin for errors and cuts down on the time you spend adapting your files for your different marketing platforms and channels.

Digital media library software - FAQs

The best digital media library software for you and you business in 2021 and beyond is the one that best fits your needs and requirements. Take some time to think about the kinds of digital media management processes you need to govern, what kind of data security you require, who needs to use the software, what training needs will you need to consider, and - most importantly - what are your goals and objectives and the problems you want to solve. Once you have established your criteria and goals, you can arrange to discuss your requirements with a digital media library software expert. They’ll be more than happy to talk through your options and find the ideal solution for you - now and into the future.

Absolutely! When you download the asset in your preferred format, you’ll have the option of cropping and editing the file, meaning you can get your content published or shared more quickly.

Good digital media library software, sourced from reputable suppliers are highly secure, end-to-end. All data is protected and you manage all permissions - including setting expiry dates - so you have peace of mind that your assets are protected and that you remain in control of your content at all times.