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Definition: Brand guide

What is a brand guide?

Think of a brand guide as a rulebook on how to create and communicate your brand’s identity to the world. Also commonly referred to as brand guidelines, a brand book, or a brand style guide, it typically includes instructions on everything from typography and tone of voice to color palettes and logo usage.

Why is it important for an organization to have a brand guide?

Faced with an increasingly crowded digital marketplace—with audiences spread across a growing number of online and offline touchpoints—it’s never been more important for brands to promote a uniquely recognizable brand identity that helps differentiate them from competitors, and stand out in the minds of consumers.

By maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date brand style guide, companies can also ensure all stakeholders involved in managing and promoting a brand know exactly how to communicate a brand’s identity. That way, you can ensure brand consistency across the various customer touchpoints.

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