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Definition: Cloud DAM

What is Cloud Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Cloud Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the processes and activities that enable users to access, store, manage, organize, and collaborate on a variety of digital assets online. These assets could include images, text files, videos, or any kind of digital file. Find out more about Digital Asset Management.

Cloud DAM systems can be accessed through a web browser and are hosted on a network of remote servers. This means they can be accessed from anywhere in the world on a wide variety of devices. As long as the user has a direct internet connection they can access the Cloud DAM software.

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What are the benefits of Cloud DAM systems?

Streamlines publishing to multiple locations

Cloud DAM systems use a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute assets to external locations such as websites and APIs. Users can embed code to each data source so every update is reflected wherever the code is published.

Brands can store the original asset in the DAM and synchronize updates on multiple locations outside the DAM. This helps brands ensure the right file is always used, protecting brand reputation and building brand awareness.

Improves collaboration

Remote and distributed teams can easily access files from anywhere in the world and collaborate in real-time. Users don’t need specific software to access or work on the assets. As long as they have an internet connection they can work on projects and publish assets at any time.

Provides cost-effective, scalable storage

With Cloud DAM software, brands don’t need to invest in hardware or software and only pay for the storage and features they need. The Cloud DAM system can scale and grow with the business as it evolves.

Software updates are completed automatically and there’s no need to take up local server space with large files such as videos or high-res images.

Better organization

Intelligent search and automation and a variety of asset management features help busy marketers to find, manage, share, and store digital assets securely. AI auto-tagging, advanced filtering, and a range of intuitive search functions mean every team member can find what they need—and that the right asset is always used.

Improved Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Cybersecurity is an integral part of DAM. Cloud DAM systems offer secure, traceable workflows and Digital Rights Management (DRM) processes helping brands to protect and control assets. Users can set up expiration dates for usage as well as a variety of approval and permission processes. You’ll always know who is using your files and what kind of access they have, putting you in complete control.