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Definition: Customer engagement marketing

What is customer engagement marketing?

Customer engagement marketing, or consumer engagement marketing, refers to the strategies, processes, and tactics brands use to connect effectively with their customers across every touchpoint and every channel.

Successful customer engagement marketing is achieved by delivering a personalized experience through targeted, relevant content marketing and communications. This could be sending a timely offer to a loyal customer, including useful push notifications, or producing personalized landing pages, newsletters, or videos based on the recipient’s interests.

Developing customer personas can help identify which customer engagement marketing activities will work for your brand. It’s all about being valuable, relevant, and customer-focused.

Understanding what tactics are working is critical to delivering a successful customer engagement strategy. Good methods for tracking customer engagement marketing are monitoring social media and email marketing data, keeping an eye on the sentiment in customer reviews, and analyzing how website visitors are engaging with the content and the buyer journey. You must then adapt the social media tactics and email campaigns accordingly, respond to the reviews, and optimize the website to deliver a better customer experience.

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What are good examples of customer engagement marketing?

Sending a welcome message to new customers
The first interactions you have with new customers are critical to your long-term customer engagement marketing. No one wants to feel like just another sales figure, after all. Sending a welcome message with a personalized offer or a relevant introduction to your brand or products—like a helpful e-book or guide—makes a customer feel valued and that you understand what makes them tick.

Deliver personalized content
Customer engagement marketing must continue throughout the entire customer lifecycle. That’s how long-term loyalty and brand advocacy are created. You could design newsletters based on the content a customer has been viewing or send a handy explainer video directly after a purchase, or an offer for a complimentary product. These activities take time but they are well worth the effort. Plus, using the right personalization tools can help to streamline the process. Find out how creative automation tools help with marketing personalization.

Offer exclusive promotions
What better way to make your customers feel special than send them an exclusive offer. Naturally, this should be based on their interests and should be delivered with a personalized message thanking them for their loyalty. You could also send previews of new products, or offers to jump the queue with new releases. Anything that will make your customers understand they are important to you.