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Definition: Digital asset management vendors

What are digital asset management vendors?

Digital asset management vendors are the people and companies that sell digital asset management solutions and other associated products. Digital asset management vendors work with both B2B and B2C brands. They deliver solutions that help busy marketers and creative teams to improve the management and distribution of digital files, helping them save time and money, improve business performance and mitigate error.

The best digital asset management vendors in 2022 help companies to understand the complex digital asset management marketplace. They advise them on which product will fit their business’s needs and scale with them as it grows.

[Pro tip] Our free DAM Vendor Selection Guide will help you choose the right provider for your needs and ensure your DAM project is a success. Once you identify which DAM vendors might suit your needs, use our handy checklist template to compare them against high-level functional requirements 😉.

Questions to ask your digital asset management vendor

What DAM features does it have?
Ask your DAM vendor to find you a solution that enables your business to organize, manage, store, distribute and share a wide variety of files quickly and easily from anywhere in the world, on any internet-enabled device.

The best DAM vendors will also provide solutions to create branded content at scale, check asset performance, and communicate seamlessly across tools in your tech stack.

Check out our DAM feature overview for more info on this.

How well will the DAM integrate with my martech stack?
Good DAM integrations mean smoother and faster workflows, more content to market, more productive teams, and ultimately better ROI. Your DAM should integrate seamlessly with your whole marketing technology stack using a robust API. Tools could include social media management tools, your content management system (CMS), and any other platforms you use to create, manage, distribute or publish content.

How will it improve my company's workflows?
Your DAM will make finding, sharing, and working on files simple and straightforward. The best digital asset management systems are highly accessible and inspire collaboration. Internal and external teams can work on projects from anywhere in the world, update on progress, and publish to multiple channels—all while keeping complete control of permissions and access.

How secure is the digital asset management platform?
Your digital files are valuable so you need to be sure that your DAM will protect them. Ask your DAM vendor about the platform’s security credentials—such as ISO compliance, robust data encryption, and protection. Plus users should be able to control how the assets are used and shared and track use and permissions over time.