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Definition: Digital Asset Management services

What are Digital Asset Management services?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) services are the collective name for the systems, processes & strategies involved with storing, managing, editing, reviewing, publishing, and sharing digital files. DAM services help businesses deliver streamlined creative workflows and ensure that authorized parties can access only the right files.

Who uses Digital Asset Management (DAM) services?

Many businesses—of any size and sector—use digital asset management (DAM) services. This includes digital asset management for retail services.

If a business needs to manage, control, monitor, share, collaborate on, and distribute digital documents and files, it will benefit from DAM services. When brands invest in a system like this for the first time or want to improve their current setup, they can get advice from digital asset management consulting services.

Here are some common tasks undertaken by digital asset management systems and who might use them.

Creative teams
Creative teams have several uses for DAM systems. These include different types of creative professionals contributing towards specific aspects of a project and getting sign-off or feedback for a piece of work. Creative teams are likely to use a variety of third-party tools and software, so their technology must integrate well with the DAM service. Find out more about Bynder’s DAM integrations.

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Marketing and sales teams
Both marketers and sales teams use DAM systems for a range of functions. For example, photo files for brochures or website product pages can be easily sourced, which means more content to market quickly. Collaboration and updates are made easy, while assets can be tracked and permissions restricted and granted in just a few clicks. This protects brand identity and reputation. Sales teams might use DAM services to send personalized content to prospective customers, such as a proposal based on the lead’s business needs or a special offer specifically designed to appeal to them.

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Legal teams
Managing multiple iterations or versions of the same document is time-consuming, and there is always an increased risk of error when various people add to or change a file's content. DAM systems enable users to prevent duplication, control access, set expiry dates, and track every adaptation made to a digital file.