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Definition: Personalized marketing content

What is personalized marketing content?

Personalized marketing content refers to the process and activities involved with adapting marketing and sales collateral to address a customer’s specific needs and preferences. Personalization insights are usually based on information and data that the company collects from the customer or lead. This could be purchase history, engagement during the customer journey—such as clicking website links—or any other data a brand obtains through marketing touchpoints.

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We are exposed to personalized marketing content every day. From product recommendations on Amazon to a coffee brand writing your name on your cappuccino lid—both B2C and B2C businesses benefit from the power of marketing personalization.

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What are the benefits of personalized marketing content?

Better marketing ROI
The better you target your marketing campaigns, the less budget you waste. If you customize and tailor your message to every lead's aspirations and preferences, they are far more likely to respond favorably.

Higher conversion rates
This follows on from our first point. Delivering targeted content that addresses the needs of a particular customer persona at the right stage of the buyer journey should encourage them to take the next step towards becoming a customer. This might be clicking on a link in a newsletter or an article that appeals to them. Or it could be downloading an ebook or watching a video that was designed to tackle their particular barrier to sale and give them the information they need at the time they need it most.

Happier customers
Every customer and lead would rather receive content and offers that appeal to them. Alongside giving them the deals they want, personalized marketing content shows you understand them and want to form a long-term customer relationship with them. It also positions your brand as thought leaders and builds trust and loyalty.

It helps you create better content
Content marketers are busy people. We need to get more content to market more quickly, without cutting corners on quality. Using valuable customer data to personalize your content assets means you can produce and deliver the most relevant, useful content at the right time to the right people.