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Definition: Marketing touchpoints

What are touchpoints in marketing?

Marketing touchpoints are any types of interaction or points of contact between a person and a brand. Marketing touchpoints can be physical—like when a customer enters a store and chats with a salesperson—or virtual, where a website visitor clicks on a link or downloads an e-book. Marketers can learn a great deal from measuring interaction with individual touchpoints. They can understand their leads and customers even more by analyzing their marketing touchpoints together as a cohesive buyer or customer journey.

Marketing touchpoints should unite a brand’s communications and help to promote brand awareness, brand consistency, and credibility. This means all the visual assets, messaging, and tone of voice must be aligned at all times.

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Examples of marketing touchpoints and why they matter

Company website
The company website is a central focus of various digital marketing touchpoints. It is a home for the blogs you write—which are then promoted on your social media and email marketing campaigns. It also hosts the landing pages you direct customers to from your paid media. Therefore, the company website is one of the most critical elements of customer journey marketing.

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Video tutorials
Video tutorials are a highly effective marketing touchpoint. They help explain products and services to new customers and address barriers to sale. Video tutorials are especially compelling when they are personalized for the individual customer.

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Newsletters are valuable marketing touchpoints for attracting and converting leads and building customer loyalty. Newsletters are an excellent tool for communicating your company’s latest news and positioning your brand as thought leaders and industry experts. Like video tutorials, newsletters are far more effective when you deliver personalized content based on the reader’s interests.