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March 23, 2021

Bynder receives ISO certification for its Business Continuity Management System

Implementation enables secure digital content sharing and comprehensive tracking of system interactions

AMSTERDAM – 23 March 2021 Bynder, a leading digital asset management (DAM) provider, today announced certification of its platform for the ISO 22301:2019 standard. Following the requirements of the standard, Bynder has implemented a business continuity management system to help protect against disruptions and minimize the likelihood and impact of their occurrence. With this new certification, Bynder completes a three year roadmap to build a solid foundation triangle of Information Security (via ISO27001), Privacy (via ISO27018) and Business Continuity (via ISO22301). Through this triangle Bynder not only sits at the heart of the digital marketing ecosystem but it also offers all the accreditations needed to continue building a strong trust relationship with its customers and partners.

Security and privacy are among the top priorities in digital. This also applies to the management of digital media and assets. Risks can vary in nature, from cyber-attacks and data breaches to data misuse and loss. Digital service providers must set correspondingly high standards when it comes to their security and data protection measures. Standards such as ISO's Security and Resilience Standard, which provide an overview of the necessary requirements as well as control mechanisms, help companies prepare and evaluate their own measures.

As part of the certification process, two annual independent ISO audits are conducted to ensure continued compliance with current and future versions of all three standards. Bynder customers are able to securely share digital content through a reliable and secure DAM solution. Protocols also provide comprehensive insight into various user actions, such as opening and downloading or deleting content, as well as system changes made. In addition, Bynder, through both its in-house seasoned security team and its valued partners, conducts regular security tests and audits to ensure that data is protected from internal and external threats. Here, the focus is particularly on access features such as role-based controlled access, time-based restricted access, and revocation of access to sent objects.

"Our customers trust that their digital assets and sometimes very sensitive information are safe on our platform," explains John Mazotis, Chief Information Officer, Bynder. "Accordingly, it is important for us to keep up with current developments, take the appropriate precautions and adapt our SaaS offering to the highest standards. Internationally recognized standards such as those of ISO allow us to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customer information - anytime, anywhere.”

Bynder holds other important security and privacy certifications, including:

  • ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 27018: 2019 and ISO 22301: 2019 certified.

  • HIPAA compliant: protecting medical information and sensitive patient data.

  • PCI-DSS compliant: PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to protect information about individuals and their payment details used on any online platform.

  • GDPR and CCPA compliant: fully compliant with EU, UK and US data protection laws, including the GDPR and CCPA legislations.

For more information on the security and privacy measures in place on Bynder's digital asset management platform, please visit: