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How Bynder helps with digital transformation

Digital transformation is way more than just digitizing your files. It is the integration of new digital technologies to reimagine all aspects of your business.

Though every company achieves it differently, it is the long-term strategic initiative to use new technologies and digital content to positively transform internal workflows, company culture, and CX to meet new market requirements.

Make your digital ambitions a reality

The issue

Hidden folders, dusty hard drives, and desktops are not suited for a modern company.

Our solution

DAM drives digital transformation

Cloud-based solutions like DAM are the foundation of digital transformation. By having assets always accessible quickly and securely from anywhere through a DAM you are set to grow your business into the 21st century. No matter the size and quantity of your assets, easily upload them in bulk and they will always be a click away.

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DAM drives digital transformation
The issue

Everyone knows the pain of looking for impossible-to-find assets. It affects workflows, delays feedback, and slows down go-to-market.

Our solution

A new definition of operational efficiency

Enrich files easily with metadata presets and empower end-users to retrieve them quickly. Having guidelines always at hand, workflows, feedback rounds, and approvals have never been more streamlined thanks to our always accessible, cloud-based DAM.

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A new definition of operational efficiency
The issue

Without a centralized, digital source of truth, recreating new assets each time they are needed is costly and the risk of damaging your brand identity is too high.

Our solution

A single solution to save time, money, and resources

Get the right content delivered faster to increase efficiency and ROI. Use our smart meta-tagging to significantly reduce the amount of time spent looking for assets. By showcasing best practices and promoting re-use of assets across offices you can drive brand consistency while going to market faster than ever.

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A single solution to save time, money, and resources
The issue

Communicating and sharing assets with external stakeholders without the proper digital tech tools can be an eternal back-and-forth.

Our solution

A tool designed to collaborate, connect and integrate

Increase external distribution by sharing assets straight from the Asset Library or through a Collection. With Bynder, you can kickstart your digital transformation to hit the ground running, and with our open API, you can enjoy limitless possibilities for connectivity.

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A tool designed to collaborate, connect and integrate

What is digital transformation?

Marketing digitalization or digital transformation is a broad term that describes the strategic effort by companies and individuals to implement technology that automates manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. With a proactive digital transformation strategy, companies strategize their long-term approach to digital content and the processes involved in content ideation, creation, collaboration, and distribution.

By leveraging digital transformation technology like digital asset management, companies integrate new digital tools into their existing martech stack. These new digital technologies are designed to streamline processes and communication. They integrate seamlessly with virtually all existing digital tools and allow companies to positively transform internal and external workflows, save time on time-consuming tasks, and reduce human error by automating processes.

What is the purpose of digital transformation?

The aim of digital transformation is to integrate digital technology into all aspects of a business in order to change the ways in which the business itself operates. From reinventing company culture to delivering new value and customer experience to customers, digital transformation is the all-encompassing positive force that drives modern companies to achieve more through technology and reach new market requirements.

Beyond that, digital transformation is a cultural change that requires organizations to challenge the ways in which they have always operated and experiment often. It leads companies to walk away from the long-standing business processes that they were built upon and pioneer relatively new and ever-evolving practices and digital technologies.

There are multiple ways in which companies benefit from implementing a digital transformation strategy. Every company embarks on a unique journey to address issues, challenges, and needs specific to their industry and their business model. Most companies, however, share similar benefits at the end of their journey: improved customer experience and operational agility, workforce enablement, and unlimited scalability, to mention only a few.

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How is an effective digital transformation strategy achieved?

Companies rely on a growing number of digital technologies to effectively market their products and services. Here are some of the digital tools that companies are increasingly leveraging as they embark on their digital transformation journey:

Digital asset management allows companies to leverage the technology necessary to achieve digital transformation. By providing companies with a powerful content library powered by configurable and customizable taxonomy and metadata, it automates and streamlines repetitive tasks like file-searching, -approving, and -sharing. A digital asset management solution can effectively automate critical tasks like setting permissions and expiration dates while collaborating with external stakeholders and integrates with other business-critical marketing technologies through APIs/SDKsA. Additionally, a DAM helps drive digital transformation by analyzing content performance, asset usage and engagement, and internal search metrics.

Learn how to manage your assets for the digital era with Bynder's DAM solution.

Workflow management tools fit necessarily into a company's martech stack as they centralize, organize, and optimize communication between stakeholders and ensure that the latest assets are synced in your DAM library. By automating project workflows it is easy to manage them by streamlining and automating requests, reviews, and approvals for better creative team processes and bottom-line results.

See how Bynder's Creative Workflow module can help your company achieve streamline creative collaboration and drive efficiency across the content lifecycle.

To achieve full marketing digitalization and harness the power of digital transformation technologies, creative templating tools are among the highest-valued. Digital and video templating tools streamline creative processes and eliminate process bottlenecks. They allow marketing teams to scale the production of content with features optimized for creating and iterating sets of content while adhering to brand guidelines. As they automate and bulk up content output with minimal expert input, digital templating tools drive digital transformation by reducing the need to have highly skilled creative professionals waste their time making numerous, minor variations to assets. Digital templating tools help marketers scale their content output quickly, error-free and with no need for specialist skills.

Check out Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates and Video Brand Studio add-on modules for more information on how to scale and automate creative asset creation, while ensuring 100% brand consistency.

Digital transformation, however, would never be complete without data-driven insights from content and a system's ability to communicate with all others. Data analytics tools let you identify and improve bottlenecks in your creative workflows, brand portal adoption rates, and overall content performance to implement a strategy that is backed by data. Powerful, customizable API integrations create a bridge between all your systems and make manual work a thing of the past. From your DAM to your CMS, PIM, and CDN, information travels digitally, automatically, and error-free.

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