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Content collaboration

What is content collaboration?

The definition of content collaboration is the activities and processes that bring various parties together to produce one or more pieces of content—from blogs to case studies, video marketing campaigns, webinars, whitepapers, brochures, or any other kind of sales and marketing collateral.

Content collaboration also refers to the platforms, software, tools, and processes involved in producing marketing content. By setting up efficient content collaboration processes, brands remain in control of their brand identity and messaging across the channels they use as they target various audiences. From freelancers to agencies, content collaboration also refers to external stakeholders involved in the content creation process who need to align their processes, workflows, and deadlines to safeguard the quality of their output.

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How to implement good content collaboration

Use the right content collaboration tools

Brands rely on the best tools and platforms to ensure effective content collaboration. These systems allow content creators to collaborate on content remotely or asynchronously, thanks to highly interconnected digital ecosystems.

Digital asset management systems (DAM) and content management software (CMS) are some of the best platforms brands can rely on for effective content collaboration.

The choice of content creation and collaboration platforms depends on the business's requirements, workflows, budget, users, and resources. Companies that need to produce high volumes of content at scale often rely on powerful content templating tools for their content collaboration needs.

Set up good workflows and communication

Content collaboration cannot happen without good workflows and processes. Every stakeholder needs to be able to access files quickly and easily, update on progress, leave feedback, check statuses, distribute content and analyze results. The best content collaboration platforms enable users to streamline requests, make and check reviews, give approval, and report on results—to bring more high-quality content to market, more quickly.

Create the right content collaboration culture

The best results from content collaboration occur when the activities and strategy are supported by the right culture. Every user should understand and appreciate others' work and communicate respectfully, even when offering what might be unwelcome feedback.

The content collaboration tools and platforms you choose will help your teams provide clear and helpful comments, make recommendations for process changes, use document versions to track progress, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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