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Definition: Digital ecosystem

What is a digital ecosystem?

The definition of a digital ecosystem is a network of stakeholders, partners, products, suppliers, applications, and third party data services that are interconnected in a digital space. When all the elements of a digital marketing ecosystem are integrated well, brands have a better chance of devising and delivering a successful digital marketing strategy.

For marketers, a digital marketing ecosystem, or digital media ecosystem, consolidates and unifies all the elements of a brand’s digital marketing activity. A brand’s digital ecosystem is way more than just digital asset management (DAM). It can include DAM, CMS, marketing automation platforms, social media tools, and more. With an effective digital ecosystem in place, marketers can make sure their customers and prospects receive the right content for every stage of the buyer journey. Users can share digital files across internal applications quickly and easily, control access, and reduce the costs and time needed for digital content creation, and publication.

The benefits of a digital ecosystem for marketing

Deliver better customer service
A well-managed digital ecosystem helps brands provide a cohesive customer experience across all marketing channels. This drives brand awareness, promotes brand recall, and enhances the user journey.

Better data reporting and analysis
Having an integrated view of the digital asset lifecycle helps brands to conduct meaningful data analysis and adapt marketing strategies and tactics based on these insights.

Quicker content creation and publication
Marketers need to get quality content to market, as swiftly as possible. Your DAM library is part of your digital ecosystem which provides a platform where internal and external stakeholders can create and collaborate on content quickly and easily, with no bottlenecks. It also streamlines the way brands share, route, and publish the finished content on their preferred channels.

Improved workflows and processes
Well-oiled digital ecosystems help to streamline the creative process. Teams can access, update, and sign-off digital files from any device, at any time. This means approvals take less time, and the right assets are always used, no matter how many iterations they have been through.

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