When you think about marketing campaigns launched in the past, and maybe those you’re currently planning to go live with in the near-future...how often do you actually get content deliverables ready and on-time for the planned launch date?

For many of us, we often see delayed deadlines for the creation of campaign assets as an inevitability; part-and-parcel with today’s fast-paced marketing race, frantically trying to stay engaged with new trends, holiday seasons, and changing consumer habits, yet hindered by content creation processes that are anything but fast and frantic.

When you have to also localize these brand campaigns across regional markets, striving for cross-channel consistency and coordinated timing, these challenges are that much more pronounced.

But creating branded content quickly and in high-volume doesn’t need to be a major drainer on your time and creative resources. Creative automation tools like Digital Brand Templates and Studio are answering the call from both content-hungry marketers and overworked creatives alike, helping to streamline content production and ensure campaign deliverables are delivered on-time and on-budget.

So before letting the dread set in at the thought of your next big campaign getting delayed, let us contextualize some all too familiar challenges surrounding campaign content creation, and how exactly Bynder can help solve those common operational problems.

Challenge: "Our creative resources are too limited/overburdened to meet the demands of high-volume marketing campaigns"

For many marketing teams, all content creation efforts are handled by just a handful of creative professionals, yet the majority of that work is hardly original creative; it’s creating variations of more-or-less-the-same assets, and updating old content with new branding.

It’s a common operational problem with creative resources not being used for what they were hired for, and what they’re good at: being creative. 

Solution: Enable marketers to share the creative workload (without sacrificing brand consistency)

Faced with the high-pressure content demands of multi-channel marketing campaigns, technology can lend a helping hand to automate the repetitive, low-skilled aspects of content creation, so creative professionals are freed up to focus on higher-value work that utilizes their creative skills.

Let’s say you’re creating a new ad campaign around the Christmas season, which will be launched across multiple digital channels and markets. All the campaign assets will need similar branding elements, but the messaging and design format will differ depending on the channel.

With Bynder’s Brand Templates and Studio, your designers can create reusable, editable “master” image or video templates that convey consistent branding and design.

Since brand consistency is guaranteed, non-creative professionals can create, tweak, and repurpose brand assets as is necessary—think switching out the messaging or CTA to fit a new social media channel—all in a matter of clicks, no specialist skills needed. 

Result: By distributing content creation efforts throughout your team, scaling and meeting the high-volume content demands of large-scale brand campaigns is much more manageable.

Challenge: "We don’t have the time or resources to localize our campaign content in regional markets"

In our increasingly globalized world, localization is becoming more important than ever to ensure your brand can authentically connect with regional audiences. But we get it, localization can be a costly and time-intensive procedure—especially when it’s part of a wider global marketing campaign that requires a coordinated, timely launch.

If you’re launching the same Christmas campaign in multiple markets, how is it possible to create the huge number of content deliverables without requiring lengthy forward planning and a huge drain on creative resources?

Solution: Enable regional marketers to create localized content in minutes

A big reason as to why many brands choose not to localize their marketing campaigns is because of the sheer volume of assets that need to be created. While Bynder can’t automate the translation of “Happy Holidays” in 10 different languages for your Christmas campaign, our creative automation tools can at least lend a helping hand to your creative team and better scale the creation of all those localized images, ads, and videos.

[Download] Guide: Think globally, act locally: Localizing content with Bynder

Instead of reinventing the wheel when creating content for every market, regional marketers can leverage pre-made “master” campaign asset templates that have already been created by your designers and/or videographers, simply replacing the text with the correct language.

Result: Localized and on-brand content created in mere minutes, not hours.

Challenge: "Our designers can’t supervise the creation of every new piece of content, leading to inconsistent branding across different channels and markets"

If you’re coordinating the launch of a marketing campaign across multiple different channels and markets, brand consistency is critical to deliver a strong, unified message to your audience.

Yet it’s all too easy for the core messaging—and branding—to be lost when trickling a global campaign down to the local level. This is often caused by a lack of knowledge sharing between colleagues and any relevant external parties.

If you’re executing a global campaign, it’s crucial that all stakeholders involved know exactly how to create and use campaign assets, so everyone is singing from the same (brand) song sheet—whether that’s on social media, emailing customers, or briefing third parties. 

Solution: Accessible, self-serving brand guidelines where they’re needed most

Your creative team can’t be everywhere at once, creating and approving every single campaign deliverable. Much like the creative automation tools previously mentioned, Bynder’s Brand Guidelines is all about reducing the dependence on creative professionals and empowering marketers to be more self-sufficient during campaign planning and execution.

The Brand Guidelines module has really encouraged a spirit of self-sufficiency for the Nordea team and external parties; there’s minimal management needed. We know everything is up-to-date, clearly communicated, and has all you need to create content that’s always consistent with our brand identity.
Patrik von Berlepsch
Marketing Partner at Nordea

Web-based, configurable, and accessible for everyone, Bynder’s Brand Guidelines provide marketers with a single source of truth on how to create and use branded content.

Result: Whether it’s your social media specialist or French field marketer, your team has quick and easy access to the latest brand and content guidelines, ensuring campaign deliverables are created and communicated consistently.

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