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Definition: Creative management platform

What is a creative management platform (CMP)?

A creative management platform is essentially a collection of technologies and products that are grouped together to streamline a variety of digital advertising processes.

Sometimes known as a digital creative management platform, it enables brands to create, manage, and distribute digital adverts and track performance—all in one centralized, easily accessible location. Using a creative management platform can help brands cut costs, enhance creative output, and get more content to market while maintaining brand consistency and safeguarding the brand's identity.

The best creative process management platforms support busy brands during the entire digital advertising design process. Brands can choose from a variety of features including digital advert creation, publishing tools, landing page creation, analytics, and more.

Bynder's creative management platform helps marketing teams and creative services to save time, make collaboration more effective, and maximize ROI. But a creative management platform like Bynder also enables brands to produce personalized content assets that create more impact with audiences, drive conversions, and boost loyalty as well as brand awareness.

What features should you look out for in a creative management platform?

Creative management platforms can be used by a variety of departments within the business including creative, digital, and marketing teams. The platforms also serve a number of different purposes such as creating ads at scale, streamlining approval processes, targeting a very specific audience using personalized content assets, and distributing the assets themselves.

Here are some of the features you should look out for in a creative management platform.

Digital advert creation tool
Great design takes time. A good creative management platform will have a variety of built-in advert creation capabilities that streamline the design process, helping you create unique, personalized designs and maximum impact video content even at high volume. Your CMP should also facilitate designing in different formats such as affiliate ads, video content, and display ads.

Cloud-based publishing tools
Using a Cloud-based creative management platform means you don’t need to constantly send assets back and forth. All content is centralized and accessible, reducing margin for error and ensuring files are optimized. You can also edit and update assets within the platform, schedule campaigns, and analyze engagement and results in real-time.

Real-time performance analytics
Digital and programmatic advertising needs to be closely monitored to optimize performance. The best creative management platforms include real-time analytics such as click-through rates, views, video starts, and page impressions. This allows brands to adapt campaigns that aren’t performing well, or increase the visibility of those that are successful.