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Definition: Marketing campaign management

What is marketing campaign management?

Marketing campaign management refers to the processes, activities, software, and platforms involved with delivering marketing campaigns—this includes planning, execution, tracking, and analysis.

Effective marketing campaign management allows brands to optimize product launches, promote existing products or services, publicize events, gauge customer satisfaction, and boost brand awareness and engagement.

For marketing campaign management to be successful, brands must define their goals and deliver targeted, personalized content that addresses audience needs. Measuring and evaluating performance enables marketers to improve campaigns over time.

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What are the benefits of using marketing campaign management software?

The best marketing campaign management software provides a centralized platform for marketers to deliver and analyze multi-channel marketing campaigns. Scheduling and automation features speed up planning, delivery, and content creation leaving more time to spend on improving the overall marketing strategy.

Marketers can use automated triggers to send campaigns when and where they will create the most impact. A/B testing could mean the difference between a failed message and record conversions.

The best campaign management software offers personalization and customization helping to create meaningful customer connections, improve the customer journey, and demonstrate an understanding of the individual’s needs and preferences.

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To top it all off, marketing campaign management software features analytics and tracking capabilities that give valuable insights into the elements of your marketing activities and messaging that are working and those that aren’t. This data can then be used to inform and improve future marketing activities.